Marketing Research

Topics: Scientific method, Exploratory research, Focus group Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Definition of research design
A research design refers to a master plan, blue print and even a sequence of research task activities. Research design in simple terms is a plan of methods and procedures that is used by researchers to collect and analyze data needed by the manager. They also contain clear objectives, specify information sources on which the data will be collected, the type of data, design technique, sampling methodology and budgets as well. The three types of research design are namely exploratory, descriptive and causal research design. Exploratory research design

Exploratory research design is a study which is designed to find out enough about the problem to usefully formulate a hypothesis. It stems from the general problem description such as finding out how consumers make decisions about things like life insurance. Exploratory research design is used when looking for insights into the problem and also to help define hypothesis (but does not test) and key variables. It is also used to identify course of action when information needs are vague and also to establish priorities for further research. Characteristics of exploratory research design

Exploratory research design is flexible and unstructured
It is used for finding tentative data
Used as building block for more research. For example pilot surveys, secondary data and focus groups It is done on small non representative sample
Methods used
Exploratory research design uses soft methods such as depth interviews, focus group discussion, case studies, qualitative research and also secondary data. When it is done
It is done generally initial research conducted to clarify and define the nature of the problem. Descriptive research design
Descriptive research design describe something as the name entails. For example it may describe the target market population characteristics proportion of users and also predict future demand. Descriptive research studies lie...
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