Marketing Research

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Marketing Research Proposal
Prepared for
Jamie’s Italian – The Restaurants

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
Jamie’s Italian – The Restaurants2
Industry Overview3
Research Questions4
Approaches and Methods6
Desk Research6
Primary Research7
Data Analysis11
Reporting and Presentation Procedures11
Quality Control12
Management of the Process12
Ethical Issue13
Reference List15
Appendix: P.E.S.T. Analysis of the Restaurant Industry in UK16

Executive Summary
This research proposal is designed for Jamie’s Italian – The Restaurants, aiming to generate results help to create strategies that maximize the chain’s benefits. InDepth Ltd. a company with more than 30 years’ of relative experience is responsible for finding out information about the current market situation, consumers’ opinions and future profitable extensions. Statistics of 2011 are presenting an industry of £26.18bn that this year hired more than 600.000 people. The financial recession however influenced negatively most of its major players apart from quick-service restaurants which seem to have gained market share. On the other hand, encouraging is the fact that the GDP is expected to increase during the forthcoming years and this will have a positive impact on the market’s development. As far as the objectives are concerned, the study will primarily research consumer insights and specifically their opinions about the menu, the pricing strategy, the restaurant’s atmosphere and the service. Additionally, according to the given brief there is a need of defining the competition (direct, indirect and also the possibility of consumer’s cooking at home). Finally, the possibility of targeting a new range of buyers and expanding Jamie’s Italian distribution points will be examined through a number of ways. Therefore, three main questions were set. The first one refers in measuring the percentage of the new target group (22-29) who is currently interested in Jamie’s Italian and also the changes that need to be done in order to make the chain a popular destination point among them. The second question asks if there is a demand for more Jamie’s Italian restaurants and where exactly, while the third one discusses the possibility of a delivery service addition. The data collection will start with a desk research during which information will be gathered by both Jamie’s Italian records (including product, service and financial information) and also by external resources such as published reports and private companies. This background knowledge will be then used in primary research divided in qualitative and quantitative study. To make it more specific, 6 focus groups, 1000 street interviews and 4000 online questionnaires will be applied in order to find the answers on the previous mentioned questions. Last but not least, the length of the research will be 14 weeks and apart from the already mentioned procedures will also include presentations to the client and quality control. Background

Jamie’s Italian – The Restaurants
Jamie’s Italian is seeking to maximize the benefits of its strategy. In response to the client brief, this research proposal aims to help the chain to make the most valuable marketing decisions by taking into consideration the current market situation, competition and consumer insights, without forgetting the budget limitation of £20.000. More specifically, InDepth Ltd. will examine if the current restaurant format is suitable in order to expand Jamie’s Italian target audience and also if the addition of new distribution points would be successful and profitable. First launched at Oxford in 2008, Jamie’s Italian is a rapidly expanding restaurant chain that nowadays owns 30 outlets in the UK and another 5 overseas (Sydney, Perth, Dubai, Dublin, Singapore). Jamie’s Italian is trying to...
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