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For many Graduates, education is regarded as an investment that affords them a way out of poverty. It is seen as the key to improving the quality of life, the primary means for social and economic elevation. Parents spend their scarce resources to have their children educated, hoping that a good education will lead to attractive jobs for them. The value of education in national development is also enshrined in the Philippine Constitution which states that “The State shall give priority to education, science and technology, arts, culture, and sports to foster patriotism and nationalism, accelerate social progress, and promote total human development” (The Constitution of the Philippines, 1987). Access to education holds both individual and national implications. Yet many graduates find themselves unemployed after earning a degree, despite the high value and expectation placed on the course. Thousands of young university or college graduates can be seen lining up in job fairs around the country in search of elusive employment opportunities. According to a study by UNESCAP (2000), youth are the least employable among different age groups. This trend has been on the rise. PUP marketing graduates voice their frustration at not being able to land a job, particularly a job that is well-paid and secure. Even with employment opportunities in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, few were hired for these positions. With the current global economic slowdown, this study examines the perspective of PUP marketing management graduates. It seeks to determine the factors that influence graduate unemployment, to what extent the concept of employability plays a role in this, and to provide recommendations for resolving the challenges. Methodology

My research methodology requires gathering relevant data from the specified documents and compiling databases in order to analyse the material and arrive at a more complete understanding and historical reconstruction of the attributes that make the graduates employable. I hope to shed light on the following questions through my research: 1.Do our graduates have the right characteristics to comprehend what constitutes employability? 2.What are the characteristics and concept of employability? 3.What are the useful competencies learned in college?

4.What are the reasons for unemployment?
5.What are “good quality graduates”
6.How should graduates gain the required work skills?
7.Can social and interpersonal skills be taught?
8.What are the constraints in producing employable graduates? Research Instruments
There is only one instrument used in this study: Survey Questionnaires. The selected graduates were given a Survey Questionnaire which they filled up and indicate some personal information. Such as Name, Age and Year graduated. The other part of questionnaire requires the students to answer some questions regarding with their status and factors which makes them employable.

Statement of the Problems
This study sought to determine the attributes of the PUP graduates. Specifically, it answers the following questions: 1.Do they have enough English and other foreign language skills to be able to communicate effectively in a modern & international fast-paced work place? 2.Do they have sufficient exposure to potential employers during their college years through internships to understand what these employers really look for when hiring a fresh graduate? 3.Do they have sufficient computer and IT skills to be able to survive in a fast paced environment?

Scope and Limitations
This study was limited to 14 selected marketing graduates of year 2005, 2010 and 2012, from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa, A. Mabini Campus.
Respondents include representatives from CYA Industries Inc., Asian Development Bank (Philippines), and research fellow from International Development Research Center (Philippines).

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