Marketing Research

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Consumer Behavior Questions
Q. No 1 Why are consumers needs constantly changing? What are the factors which influence the formation of new need? Q. No 2 many celebrities who are considered to be persuasive role models often appear in cigarette commercials, does the use of such celebrities in cigarette advertisement constitute an ethical market practice? Discuss Q. No 3 which status related variable- occupation, education or income – is the most appropriate segmentation base for- (1) expensive vacation, (2) people magazine subscription (3) personal computers (4) pocket size cellular phones Q. No 4 you are the owner of 2 furniture stores- catering upper middle class consumer and to lower middle class consumers. How do social class differences influence each store’s (a) product lines and styles, (b) advertising media selection (c) the copy and communications style used in the ads and (d) payment policies? Q. No 5 Distinguish between beliefs, values and customs. Illustrate how the clothing a person wears at different times, occasions is influenced by customs Q. No 6 How should marketers promote products and services to working women? What appeals should they use? Q. No 7 compare the economic, passive, cognitive, emotional models of consumer decision making. Q.No 8 Define extensive problem solving, limited problem solving, routine response behavior, what are the differences among the 3 decision making approaches. Q.No 9 Define Opinion Leadership. Explain the concept in context with Marketing Management and its usefulness in leveraging the marketing activity in an organization. Q.No 10 Explain Howard – Sheth Model and Nicosia Model in detail. Q.No 11 Explain the stages through which the consumer moves in the adoption process. Discuss the innovation decision process.
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