Marketing Research

Topics: Arithmetic mean, Statistics, Mean Pages: 20 (6221 words) Published: September 17, 2012

May 19th 2012

Mr HB Klopper
Market Research Lecturer
Monash University
South Africa

Dear Mr Klopper:
In compliance with the fulfilment of the requirements on the subject Market Research we the proponents would like to present the report on Chill Out Restaurant and Bar, in accordance to the instructions of the second assignment for this unit . The main purpose of the document is to present the results found in relation to the objectives that we presented within the research proposal to understand “consumer satisfaction.” The report clarifies the statistical data collected both diagrammatically and in summary format. Satisfaction amongst consumers in relation to the restaurant will be discussed in relation to age, gender just to name a few. The content of this report concentrates on the structure that was implemented to collect, calculate and analyse the data .Limitations will be discussed in detail. If you should have any questions concerning our findings, problem analysis as well as limitations, please feel free to contact any of the members of the group that was involved in the research process listed below on their respective email addresses: Miss Ziyanda Tafu Miss Thandeka Dube Miss Nyasha Kahari

We hope that this report provides clear and concise findings consumer satisfaction


Market Research Team

Table of Contents
Executive summary4
3.Statement of problem6
4.Research Objectives6
5.Research questions and hypothesis6
6. Methodology7
7. Definition of SPSS8
8. Reliability test10
9. Descriptive Statistics11
9.1 Measures of central tendency12
9.2 Measures of dispersions13
9.3 Distribution14
9.4 Percentiles15
11. Explore18
12. Crosstabs20
13. Compare means21
14. Independent T-Test21
15. Non-parametric t-test Mann-Whitney23
17. Conclusion25
18. Recommendations25
19. Limitations26

Executive summary
The objective of this report is to address customer satisfaction at Chill Out restaurant that is situated within the institution of Monash University South Africa campus. The restaurant that doubles up as a bar every evening after 7 p.m provides services mostly to students, academic staff and the general hand. Hence, satisfaction will be discussed from the viewpoint of the consumers. Fieldwork was carried out and questionnaires were distributed around the school and handed out to a sample of 30 respondents. The information that was collected and gathered from these questionnaires was corrected, edited and fed into the SPSS system which helped to come up with the statistical analysis and meaning of these responses. However, not all the data that was collected could be made use of as some of the questions proved to be unreliable and hence, further testing could therefore not is prepared. More so one dimension proved to be reliable Assurance, thus tests like t-tests parametric as well as non-parametric and the one way ANOVAs where completed. The report looks at the sample size, background, data collection method, definition of SPSS and analysis of the data out retrieved from this software and a conclusion. Recommendations have been given to improve Chill Out services that in turn influence customer satisfaction, which include tangibility, competence, responsiveness and communication. Then lastly, a list of limitations has been stated that may have influenced the results and process of fieldwork, data collection and data reliability just to name a few.

Over the years, various marketers’ have described satisfaction as the provision of services and products to the consumer with great emphasis on the fact that...
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