Marketing Report on Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder

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Marketing Plan for Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder
A Product of Kohinoor Chemical Company Limited
Submitted To: Khaled Mahmud Lecturer, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. Submitted by: Rahimun Anik Haider (ZR-43) Saleh Ahmed (ZR-46) Md. Ashiqur Rahman (ZR-55)



This is a report describing a complete marketing strategy for one of the underdog products, Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder, a product Kohinoor Chemical Company Limited. As described in the mission and vision of the company, it always looks to attain the highest position in a market. If that is true, Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder is a failure. To initiate its way of success this report is a complete effort. Analyzing the current market trends and declining market growth the strategies have been formulated emphasizing on the customer demands and current needs. A six month long marketing campaign from July to December of the current year is directed here where the middle class and upper middle class female section of the people will be targeted. The first three months the product will be marketed with an objective to remove the heat oriented uneasiness or feelings of disgust. As the hot weather cools down the main idea will switch. In the last three months the market will be reached through the fragrance quality of the product. It is to mention that most of the customers look for this very quality of a Talcum Powder.A reasonable budgeting is also done here with break-even analysis, sales forecast and expense forecast portraying the obvious costs that will have to be paid for the company. Finally with an effective implementation strategy and contingency control system the total plan has been strengthened. Thus, it gives a complete marketing portray of Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder.


04 June, 2012. Khaled Mahmud, Lecturer, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka.

Subject: Letter to submit the marketing report as a part of our course.

Sir, This is to submit the final term paper of our Marketing Campaign of Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder as a part of our course Principles Of Marketing Management for the BBA program.

Sincerely, Rahimun Anik Haider (ZR-43) Saleh Ahmed (ZR-46) Md. Ashiqur Rahman (ZR-55)


1.1 Origin of the report: The report is about a marketing campaign of Tibet Talcum Powder, a product of Kohinoor Chemical Company Limited(KCCL) done as a part of Principles of Marketing Management course of our BBA program assigned by course instructor Mr. Khaled Mahmud, Lecturer, Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University.

1.2 Purpose: • As the position of this product is not at the top of customer choice, we will try to launch a marketing campaign for Tibet Talcum Powder to promote the product and increase its popularity.

Through this campaign we will also focus on the increasing of current market share of this product through the campaign.

As the product is already quite dominant among the lower, lower middle and middle class people living in rural or suburban areas, we will be trying to stretch its influence onto the people of upper middle class.

1.3 Scope: Tibet Talcum Powder is currently not the market leader in its particular segment. So we have scope to work on the current marketing procedure of the product and improve its marketing standards. These are what we can do-

We can analyze the existing or pre-used marketing strategies of the product and try to find the strengths and weaknesses of those strategies. The strengths will work as an incentive to our work and weaknesses will be our field of work.

We can modify or change the current strategies for better promotion of the product judging the market growth, demographics and trends. If necessary we can bring new ideas to promote the product.

Finally we can come up with a complete marketing strategy for the product which will be...
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