Marketing Report on Ghetu Putro Komola

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Course name: Business Communication

Marketing Review
Ghetu Putro Komola

Prepared by Prepared for

Group 4Syed Munir Khasru
Section BProfessor
Mushreka Afroze Khan (RH- 68)
Sawmik Islam (ZR- 78)
Jidny Rubaiyat Shoummo (ZR-85)
Lubzana Afrin (RH- 94)
Mehnaz Fatima Khan (RH-107)
Arman Pavel (ZR-120)

Date of submission: December 19, 2012

Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

December 19 2012
Syed Munir Khasru
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka
Subject: Letter of transmittal for ‘Business Communication’ course term-paper.

Dear Sir:

We are pleased to submit the marketing review on the movie Ghetu Putro Komola. We have completed the report through putting the theories and techniques learnt throughout the Business Communication and Principles of Marketing courses. This report contains analysis of the current market situation as well as possible ways of expanding the market of the movie Ghetu Putro Komola and also the Bangladeshi Movie industry. We have recommended some marketing scopes which might prove imperative. We have tried our very best to tailor the report according to your guidelines.

Therefore, we request you to accept our report. We believe that you’ll find it in order. We are eagerly expecting your feedback on the overall report.

Yours sincerely,
Group 4, Section-B
BBA 20th, IBA, DU

Sincerely yours,
Mushreka Afroze Khan (RH- 68)
Sawmik Islam (ZR- 78)
Jidny Rubaiyat Shoummo (ZR-85)
Lubzana Afrin (RH- 94)
Mehnaz Fatima Khan (RH-107)
A. S. M. Arman Pavel (ZR-120)

Executive Summary

Humayun Ahmed captured the emotion of people of this country for decades through more than one medium. Being a director and storyteller, he almost single handedly took the post 70's Bengali culture to another dimension. This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current situation and prospective profitability of his last movie, Ghetu Putro Komola. We have analyzed the present marketing strategy, marketing mix and positive and negatives of the marketing of the movie. It was very obvious that the production house Impress Telefim did not have any basic outline of what they were doing.

Production of the movie started almost two years back. The initial production budget of the movie was 5 million BDT. But, the production cost exceeded and ultimately reached 12 million BDT at the end of post-production. The movie was released on September 7th 2012, a month after the death of Humayun Ahmed and created a huge hype. But due to high production cost and all-over-the-place marketing with no plans, it could not gain profit, only earning 7 million BDT worth revenue. Even now Impress Telefilm does not have any strong plan to earn the break-even. In the recommendations section, we have re-analyzed the target market, the marketing strategy and marketing mix. Also we have given a rough idea on how we will try to promote the movie internationally.

The report finds that the prospects of the movie in its current position are not positive. The major areas of weakness in the marketing require further research and remedial action by the producer and distributors. All in all, Ghetu Putro komola needs to tailor a robust marketing strategy which can help it to break-even in this growing and dynamic film industry.


01 Introduction7
1.1 Origin of the report7
1.2 Goal7
1.3 Objective of the Report8
1.4 Scope8
1.5 Methodology8
1.6 Limitations9
02 Ghetu Putro Komola: Movie and Industry Background.9
2.1 Production Background9
2.2 Industry Background10
2.3 Trend of the Industry10
03 Market Competition11
3.1 Competitor analysis11
3.2 Budget and Sales11
3.3 SWOT Analysis of Ghetu Putro Komola12
04 Market Research13
05 Marketing Strategy14
5.1 Target Markets14
5.2 Market Segmentation14
5.3 Market Positioning14
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