Marketing Report of L'Oreal Paris

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  • Published : August 25, 2012
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Executive summary
This report refers to an evaluation and recommendations on the current market situation of L’Oreal Paris. A brief introduction of the background of L’Oreal Paris and the product category which L’Oreal Paris exists will be also explained in this report. It includes the general idea of cosmetic industry. Furthermore, this report also indicates the macro and micro environment and major competitors. The most significant factors in macro environment are economic, cultural and demographic forces. In this case, it will be also providing the reason and some evidence that explain how these factors are affecting L’Oreal Paris. Otherwise, for, micro environment, this report only discuss between customer and competitors. Next, there is a significant evaluation of the product analyse with reference to the type of products, the three level of products, the branding strategies, and what types of packing and labelling that L’Oreal Paris provided. In addition, a complete analysis of target segment and how current product influence buyer behaviour and meet difference needs and wants. Later on, L’Oreal Paris needs to consider and build the marketing mix to attract more consumers. It includes a brief evaluation of the price, place, promotion and products. Some recommendations associated with several aspects are also provided at the end of this report. The sources of information were collected from academic journals and text book as secondary data.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
The goal of this report is to demonstrate the market environment and examine whether the product of L’Oreal Paris has satisfied its target segments or not based on the information comparison between competitors, primary research and the business data base. 1.2 Background information

L’Oreal Paris recently gave Kobe Li position as a junior marketing executive. this business report state the information of L’Oreal Paris for studying use.

1.3 Scope
This report refers to the information of L’Oreal Paris which covers several marketing theories from the text book, including the micro environment and macro environment, products level, STP and branding. The main information that focuses on this report is come from the official website of L’Oreal Paris and other online research. 1.4 Methodology

The mainly resources that focus on this report are come from the academic journals, websites, text books, news and annual reports.

1.5 Assumptions and limitations
During the research, some academic journal articles related to the L’Oreal Paris cannot be found in Monash library. Otherwise, the information can be found from other available databases and the official websites of L’Oreal Paris. 1.6 Plan

The plan for this report will focus on the flowing list below.

3.0 Macro environment
4.0 Micro environment
5.0 Product analysis
6.0 Target market analysis
7.0 Analysis of current product
8.0 recommendation

2.0 Industry background
The cosmetic market is still in a growing phase since the 17th -18th Century: Cosmetics are now in use by all accepts and generally become an indispensable part of human life especially for females. For the last 10 years, the general trend for cosmetic industry was changed potentially through the period change and change in behaviour. Firstly, there is a lot of money to be made in beauty more than ever. Secondly, the anti-aging industry is growing at a furious rate (Derrick, 2012). Therefore, beauty industry has and influence on the way of people view beauty, and with these changes, more and more people prefer to make up themselves in order to appear beautiful. 2.1 Organisation background...
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