Marketing Report of Window Weatherguard

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Marketing Report of Window Weatherguard

Executive summary
This report is to design the marketing strategy of one of new inventions in 2011- Window Weatherguard. The guard is installed, without tool needed, on sliding windows, in order to keep rain out of the building while let airflow in. It effectively protects interiors and reduces indoor air pollution. Base on the analysis the marketing environment and consumer behaviours, segmentation, targeting, positioning are designed, as well as product and pricing plan.

Table of Contents

Background of the invention4

marketing environment analisys5
microenvironment analysis5
marcroenrionment analsis8
consumer behaviour analisys8
potential customer behaviour 8
potential influencing factors 9
potential risks 9
segmentation, targeting and positioning10
market segmentation 10
market targeting 10
market positioning 11
product plans11
pricing strategies12

Background of the invention
The Window Weatherguard can be installed to sliding windows in order to keep the rain out of the building and let air in, which was invented by a commercial estimator, Andrew Cottle. With many years experience in building industry, Andrew realized it has been an obvious and annoying problem whenever it rains. The rain would enter the sliding windows and damage our houses, such as carpets, walls, and furniture next to windows. If we close the window, we could not get the fresh air. Airflow is essential for reducing toxin air, which is released from plastics, carpets, glues, paints, household cleaners etc. This is particularly important for new houses. Clear UV stable acrylic is the material of the Window Weatherguard with chemical resistance, water resistance, and scratch resistance, no discoloration, hardly noticeable and easily cleaning. They can be quickly attached to the outer frame of sliding windows either horizontally or vertically with double-sided sticky tapes. It is a simple and low-priced DIY application without tools required.


2. Air in

3. Rain out

With the clear UV acrylic the light can be in and airflow would be constant, which is good for temperature control. In the perspective of energy usage, it is apparently energy-saving method for controlling temperature and keeping the air fresh. There is a huge potential market for Window Weatherguards. It can be installed in every residential, commercial, or public building. This attachment is suitable for all sliding windows currently manufactured in Australia. Newlife Wellbeing Centre Pty. Ltd has been established to operate the business.

Marketing environment analysis
According to Soeryanto (2009, pp. 995-1001), marketing environment refers to factors that influence marketing activities and abilities to establish and maintain relationships with customers. Marketing environment is made up of microenvironment and macroenvironment. Microenvironment consists of the various participants with a close relationship with the enterprise that have a significant impact on enterprise's marketing ability, such as organisations, suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors and the public. Macroenvironment has an impact on microenvironment, which consists a wide range of social factors such as demographic, economic, natural, technological, cultural, and etc (Kotler et al., 2010, pp. 137-159).

Microenvironment analysis
(1) Company
Marketing department should coordinate with other departments before carrying out marketing activities with the supervisor of senior manager. The budget of advertising and promotion need to be discussed with finance or accounting department. With analysis of sales results and stock of Window Weatherguards from operation department, marketing plan can be easily made. For instance, we can put more efforts to promote less popular type by advertising or focus on most popular product to make it as the...
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