Marketing Reflective Essay

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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With regard to presentation we have been asked to select brand (product or service), perform as its specialist and finally present our findings/ideas. Our group chose one of the largest companies that operates in the UK Supermarkets market – Tesco Plc. In order to analyse macro, micro, and internal-environment of selected brand were used such an important tools as PESTLE/PEST, SWOT Analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces and BSG Matrix. And ultimately we have been asked to write an essay. The purpose of this reflective essay is to think about findings individually of group presentation with a particular focus on the logic and rational recommendations, probable results, estimation of methods and tools. According to Jobber (2010, p.98) PESTLE or PEEST Analysis can be defined as the analysis of the political/legal, economic, ecological/physical, social/ cultural, and technological environments and how it could affect the strategic development of a business. During the progress of our presentation and analysing the factors which potentially will influence on performance of the company I have noticed that PEEST Analysis is a useful strategic tool for analysing current business position, understanding market growth or decline and help to summarise the external environment in which a particular business/company operates. However, I noticed that the data used in the analysis was based on assumptions which probably would be unfounded or wrong as a result. Therefore, in my point of view, for the achieving effectiveness, this process of analysing needs to be undertaken on a regular basis. SWOT analysis can be named as one of the most renowned tools for analysis of the whole current strategic situation of the company and its environment. In other words, it is the basis for estimating the internal possible progress and limitations and the probable opportunities and threats from the external background (Management Study Guide, n.d.). In the time of preparing for presentation, I’ve noticed...
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