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BMW Driving Experience Project 2012

Executive Summary

The project is going to examine the understanding of Marketing Systems and implement those concepts and methodologies to address key issues of BMW Euro Auto, BMW exclusive importer and distributor in Vietnam. Firstly, an in-depth internal and external environment of Euro Auto is taken to find out the problems and opportunities regarding to BMW’s brand in Vietnamese customers and improving sales in premium market. Based on Porter Five Forces analysis, it is found that the market share of automotive industry in Vietnam and market growth is low, so there is high rivalry between BMW Euro Auto and existing competitors like Mercedes-Benz and Audi. In addition, the power of customers is relative high, so if the company cannot distinguish itself through products and services after sales, buyers will be more likely to purchase their car from a competitor. However, the threat of new entrants and substitute products for cars are low. It might create an opportunity for Euro Auto in luxury car segment. In SWOT analysis, it also states BMW Euro Auto’s strengths and opportunities in luxury car market that are applied to deal with some weaknesses and threats existing.

BMW is a strong brand name worldwide, however, the key issue is that the recognition of this brand is just limited at knowing and identifying level. Vietnamese consumers would like to experience the product in order to feel its premium quality offered. Another issue is the total sales of BMW Euro Auto have decreased in comparison with the previous year. Therefore, the marketing strategy is set with the purpose of improving BMW brand awareness as well as its sales volume.

With the purpose of enhance customer’s awareness about BMW cars and its exclusive factors in terms of quality, design, and services, the campaign called “BMW – Driving Experience” is created. The marketing plan target to premium segments in Vietnam who has high purchasing power to address these issues. In this campaign, they will introduce all BMW series and versions in Vietnam to customer, and use a variety of communication tools to reach their target segments. Consequently, by identifying right key issues and addressing them to marketing plan, it is expected the BMW brand awareness and sales will be successfully improved.


Executive Summary2

2. Introduction4

3. Situation analysis5
3.1 Company Analysis5
3.2 Market Analysis5
3.3 Competitor Analysis5
3.3.1 Porters Five Forces.6
a. Rivalry among existing competitors.6
b. Threat of new entrants into industry.6
c. Power of suppliers.7
d. Power of customers.7
e. Threat of substitute products & services.8
3.3.2 Implication8
3.4 Customer Analysis9
3.4.1 Brand enthusiast.9
3.4.2 Technology upgrader.10
3.4.3 Value seeker.10
3.4.4 Business leaders.10
3.4.5 Image pursuer.10
3.5 Environment Analysis10
3.5.1 PEST anlysis10
Political factors.10
Economical factors.11
Social factors.12
Technological factors.13
3.5.2 Risk Analysis13
Production differentiation.13
Car Renting and Car Sharing.13
Intensity of Rivalry among Existing Competitions.14
3.6 SWOT Analysis14
3.6.1 Implications17

4.0 Critical Issues18

5.0 Marketing Objectives19

6.0 Marketing Strategies19
6.1 Target Market19
6.2 Positioning Strategy20
6.2.1 Corporate positioning.20
6.3.2 Marketing positioning strategy.20
6.4 Marketing Mix21
Public relations.23
Internet Marketing.24

7.0 Conclusion and Recommendations24

2.0 Introduction
Euro Auto - the BMW official authorized importer in Vietnam - was set up in November 2006. Company has provided famous BMW products and services for responding the increase demand for premium brand in Vietnam. Euro Auto has the world-class customer...
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