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Topics: Jam, Fruit, Water Pages: 5 (1497 words) Published: October 29, 2012
The product our company gives to the customer are
Our company deals in many different types of Jams such as:
* Apple Jam
* Mango Jam
* Apricot Jam
* Pineapple Jam
* Raspberry Jam
* Blueberry Jam
* custard apple Jam
* strawberry Jam
* The latest addition we have is: sugar free Jam.
These are the product in which our company deals with. But the most demanding product amongst all is Mix fruit, Pineapple & Sugar free jam. The other products are demanded as per the season and hence they are our seasonal products and come under “Silver pool of our company” where as the “Golden pool of the company” which consist of ever increasing demand consist of: Mix fruit Pineapple & Sugar free jam. Customer is the king of the market. Their demand changes as per their desire so to meet the ever-changing desire of the customers; Our Company provides them with a different Jam with distinct features. Hey people if you wanna have something delicious

Try Jam-licious
“The secret for healthy diet”
The king of taste with toppings of fun and essence of joy is provided in our Jam. “The motto of our company is to provide the best quality for a perfect smile.”

A family consists of many members; each member would have different in their taste. Everyone would have their distinct demand; many a time it is noticed some children get upset at the time of breakfast because they don’t like the of regular jam. Now if children get disappointment it produces a major impact on their parents as they also become disappoint and get irritated and by this way whole of the family get spoil. But now our company had emerged with special features of “Trio pack jam.” Which consist of three (3) different falvours of jam. And now if the children don’t like the taste of pineapple jam they will definitely go for fruit jam or for any other flavor. Also a distinct feature of “Sugar free jam” is introduced for the person who desire to eat but can’t eat it due to their ever increasing sugar problems.

There is nothing quite like homemade jam. It seems to taste so much more like the fruit it came from than jams you buy at the store. However, it’s no secret that jam is mostly sugar, and in fact, jam is one of those things that is tricky to make sugar-free. This is because it is sugar that gives jam its characteristic mouthfeel, and also because it acts as a preservative.

It being the height of the berry season, and having just purchased a flat of my favorite berry – a local variety of blackberry called the olallie berry, I decided to give sugar-free jam making a try. Hunting for methods, I saw a few approaches to making sugar-free jam, so I decided to experiment, both with blackberries and strawberries. The Issues

Since sugar is part of what preserves jam, most recipes I found were for what is often called “freezer jam”. This is because you can’t keep it on the shelf for any length of time. It generally will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks, but any jam you want to keep longer than that should be stored in the freezer. 

The other issue with jam is that for most fruits, commercial pectin is added, which has sugar in it. Some fruits, such as plums, have enough pectin that you don’t need to add any, but berries generally need to have pectin added. Blackberries have some of their own pectin, but strawberries have essentially none. 

There is such a thing as commercial pectin without sugar, which should be the first thing to try, but I couldn’t find any in my little town, and I was impatient. Next year, I will order some and try it. Approach #1: Boil it Down

The first thing I tried was the simple route: I just added some water and artificial sweetener (I favor liquid forms of Splenda which don’t have the off-flavors and extra carbs of powders) and boiled them down, hoping that the natural pectin would be enough. This produced a spreadable puree with the blackberries, but it was very...
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