Marketing Program

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Marketing programs teach people how to promote and sell goods and services. Students learn about buyer behavior, pricing theory, importing, and exporting. They learn to market many types of goods and services such as clothing, banking services, and cars.


On occasion, someone has tried to sell you something you didn't want. You got a phone call at dinnertime. You found junk mail in your mailbox. Or someone pitched a product at a ridiculously high price. It was natural for you to resent these crude methods. But when you really have wanted to buy something, you've appreciated a clear advertisement that explained the features of the product. You were glad to speak to an informed salesperson. A marked-down price or a rebate made a product very affordable. What made these experiences so much better was good marketing, merchandising, and sales.

There are many careers that reward workers who can make the experience good for consumers, and who also make profits for the business. That's because money isn't being wasted on uninterested consumers, and happy customers are likely to be repeat buyers. Remember, customers buy a myriad of products and services, so you can work in fashion, recreation and tourism, electronics - the list is endless. In short, work in marketing can be your doorway to a rewarding career. According to a recent business survey, over 90 percent of corporate chief executive officers began their careers in marketing or sales.

As a student in this program, you learn about marketing and business skills. You learn statistical and research methods so that you can analyze trends in the industry. You study profiles of both consumers and the goods and services they buy. You then learn to use this information to more effectively develop promotional and advertising concepts.

You can study this field at various levels. A large number of colleges offer a two-year program. This program is likely to cover sales techniques and...
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