Marketing Professional Practice: Proposal to Non-Profit Organization

Topics: Heart disease, Health care, Heart Pages: 28 (7423 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Executive Summary
This report aims to develop some feasible strategies for a non-profit making organization – Care For Your Heart to achieve objectives in certain areas: 1. Enhancing the public awareness of the organization’s profile and service; 2. Reaching the youngsters and working group segments; 3. Gaining more donations for future development; and 4. Strengthening the network with medical doctors or nurses as part of voluntary work. These objectives can be carried out by the three main recommended strategies, include rebranding, sponsorship campaigns, and volunteer programs.

Before launching other programs, rebranding is recommended to refine the image of Care For Your Heart by designing a new logo and name, which is more professional and appealing to the target market. The rebranding is also related to the strategies for achieving the organization’s new direction. The sponsorship campaigns aim at attracting companies for sponsorship, enhancing public awareness, and attract donations. The prospective sponsors include Nestle, Hung Fuk Tong, Watson, and HKHC. The respective strategies are Nestle milk powder lid design, Turn in Your Can; Hung Fuk Tong Care For Your Heart soup series; Watson Heart Caring Bottle Label Competition and launch of water bottle, carboy bottle design and poster distribution at offices; Cardiac Health Care Bus, Health Care Charity Fund, professional health talks, and Charity Health Check Day. Furthermore, volunteers for current and future events and campaigns are sourced from IVE, medical colleges, doctors, and HKHC.

These strategies provide substantial benefits to Care For Your Heart. By successfully striving sponsorship and donations, Care For Your Heart can enhance its visibility, awareness and credibility via appearance of logo on sponsor’s products and websites. Donation is easier to attract when the organization is more credible, and more funds can be used to offer more activities for its members and the public. The campaigns and volunteer programs allow the organization to reach its young and business target markets when products and events are exposed at heavy traffic spots and offices.

The sponsorship programs will last for two years, and the volunteer program is on a continuous basis, which the details are shown in the timeline in the later part of this report. And the estimated budget is set.

Background of Organization
Care For Your Heart is a registered non-profit charitable organization formed by a group of cardiac patients together with their families since 1995. Its services mainly target cardiac patients and their families. In 1998, Care For Your Heart set up the first cardiac mutual help and resource center, and is committed to patients and the public health (Organization Introduction 2010). Up until 2011, Care For Your Heart has more than 2600 members, and over 180 volunteers (Number of Members 2010). Members mostly age around 51 to 80 (Age of Members 2010), and geographically concentrated in Hong Kong Island (Residence of Members 2010). The sources of funds is attracted from multiple channels; include donations, Community Chest, Social Welfare Department and other activities (Sources of Funds 2010).

Logo of the Organization

The flower-liked logo represents that the organization is concerned about heart related issues.

Vision and mission of Organization
Care For Your Heart aims to encourage mutual support spirit among cardiac patients and family support, so that the patients can positively face their illness (Organization Introduction 2010). It strives to enhance cardiac patients knowledge towards cardiac diseases, boost recovery, and prevent the opportunity of relapse; to act as a bridge between patients and medical institutions in order to provide all-round services; gather patients, protect and strive for rights and welfares; promoting social knowledge about cardiac disease, prevention, caring and accepting cardiac patients and enhance public...
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