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Apple's unique sales strategy  of: SteveTobak Source: Business network of excellence 2010-6-13 Recommended hot: 36 words to communicate the secret of the team  management team determines the future of the company building  Tags: Apple online store sales strategy

From the Direct and channel pricing strategy to retail and online stores, Apple in the consumer electronics company in a unique way different from other sales oftheir products . If you know the "channel" the meaning of the word, you know it is definitely not an easy thing. But it achieved, and very successful. This raises two interesting questions: First, other companies are able to "sell the same as Apple," or Apple's sales and channel strategy is only to apply to Apple? Second, the structure is permanent? Or Apple will eventually lose control of pricing and channels, loss of their status? Let's take a closer look it. First, take a look at Apple's sales and channel strategy is unique:  Apple never discounts through direct sales channels.The company does sell some refurbished products discount, the price of these products are relatively cheap, but this is not a "sale" prices, but called holiday specials like the name of the first.  Apple distributor price is very stable.Although the manipulation of prices (the price of sales to end users) is illegal, but Apple is still trying to control retail prices, it remained at a stable level. They may profit by the distributors control meager in comparison, does not offer volume discounts and other methods for different distributors in accordance with the same price as the same product.  Apple's retail and online stores are very unique.They play more the role of education and support, not sales. They are very simple, even a little too far simpler to at least the most clear sign of providing information. They give people the impression that a lot of people there to help you, and no one there waiting to sell you anything.  Apple products are...
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