Marketing-PR Campaign: Launch of a New Fashion Label

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  • Published : November 8, 2008
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For my Final Major Project I decided to create a marketing/PR campaign around the launch of a new fashion label consisting of posters, magazine adverts and give-aways. I thought that just creating a normal women’s clothing range would be too easy, so I decided I would create a brand which creates clothes made entirely of recycled materials. I started off by looking at fashion designers whose clothes were eco-friendly/recyclable: Katharine Hamnett; Stella McCartney; Gary Harvey etc. I found their work really inspirational and a good springboard for me to develop my ideas. The starting point for the campaign had to be the name – not only would it have to effectively sum up the ‘concept’ for the range, but it would also be the creative springboard for the logo, style etc. that I would use. After much thought, and several false starts, I finally settled on ‘Fresh Repeat’. It began as ‘Repeat’, with the slogan ‘Repeat after me’, referring to the fact that the clothes would be repeating themselves - living a second life - but I was concerned that it sounded too ‘second-hand’ and decided that adding the word ‘fresh’ gave it a newer, cleaner feel. Once I had the name, I needed the logo. It didn’t take me long to come up with my first logo design (based on a button motif), but nine weeks into the project I decided to change it to something more typographical, eventually using simply the letters ‘FR’ which I warped in Illustrator. I felt it was stronger and more memorable. Throughout the ten-week project my ideas evolved in more ways than I had expected. I went from mirror images to gas masks to children, all the while keeping ‘Fresh Repeat’ in mind. The clothes I started to base the brand around were dresses made by the fashion students earlier in the year. I chose six of the best and set up a photo shoot. My initial idea was to be literal by having an image of the model and clothes, and then imply ‘repeating’ it as if it were a mirror image, but I felt it didn’t...
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