Marketing - Positioning a New Product

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Positioning a Radically New Product
ForceX, Inc. has plans to create a new Situational Awareness (SA) product that is targeted towards Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). This new product is a clear departure from the normal Mission Execution products that ForceX, Inc. has developed in the past. Mission Execution software applications normally encompass Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Target Tracking and Locating (TTL) software products that take mission planning data and provide the operators with the functional capabilities to use the planning data in the execution of their assigned mission(s). ForceX, Inc. is attempting to diversify its customer base by moving into this market as well as achieving their strategic vision of becoming the leader in providing SA software solutions. Target Market

The target market for this product in Federal, State, and Local LEA that conduct emergency response operations in support policing actions or natural disasters. The customers in this market have ISR and TTL software and equipment provided by other vendors. In all cases the software applications provided by competitors fall into only one of the two categories. None of the vendors in this market provide a solution that combines the two tactical operations of ISR and TTL into one application that provides a situational awareness for operators conducting both ground and airborne operations. The total picture enables law enforcement personnel to conduct all of their tactical operations from a single “common picture”. It is imperative for law enforcement personnel to have a clear understanding of the situation as they develop their tactics for neutralizing the situation. Unlike the Department of Defense (DoD), LEA have a more stringent set of rules for the use of deadly force during violent situations, to prevent collateral damage and potential lawsuits. The more information that is disseminated to the lowest levels of operational personnel the better that chance of mission success with minimum or no collateral damage. This new product alleviates the need for two separate applications and combines the ISR and TTL operations into one software package that will reduce costs. Cost reduction will be experienced in several areas such as software, training, documentation, etc. It will also enable the operators to successfully complete their missions. LEA have limited budgets and resources and ForceX, Inc. can position the new product at a cost far less than the competitor’s product offerings while solving the two highest requirements with one software application. Competition

An analysis of the competition in the market shows that the competitors are capable of filling the airborne ISR requirements of the law enforcement market. Their technology is up to date and in some cases is cutting edge. However, there is a distinct lack of the capability to provide and distribute a situational awareness “common picture” to all elements participating in the operation. Competition in this market is fierce and current users will be hard pressed to change to ForceX, Inc.’s application unless the cost is low and the functional capabilities are high. There are no competitors in the market that serve both the DoD and LEA. All of the competitors only provide ISR applications and most do not distribute the data to ground users. ForceX, Inc.’s product provides a single software application that allows the ISR platform to distribute real-time situational awareness data any and all elements of the operation being conducted. Positioning Strategy

ForceX, Inc. is not the first product to be offered in this market and therefore would be considered a market follower or a market challenger. It would not be in the company’s best interest to go head-to-head for market leadership. ForceX, Inc. will do better by using a strategy that exploits the weaknesses of those...
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