Marketing Planning Process

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Newspaper Pages: 40 (9548 words) Published: January 12, 2013


1.Executive Summary4

2.Corporate Mission5

3.Summary of audit findings5
4.SWOT Analysis6
5.Marketing objectives6 - 7

6.Marketing Strategies7 - 10
7.Marketing mix decisions11 - 12


10.Evaluation and Control13


1.Appendix 1: Organizational background
2.Appendix 2: Audit Findings
3.Appendix 3: Gabriel’s credibility Matrix
4.Appendix 4: Implementation / Schedule of activities
5.Evaluation Report


Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Ltd is the oldest newspaper publisher and commercial printer in Zimbabwe, as well as being easily the largest publisher of newspapers, having dominated the industry for almost 120 years. The company is the proprietor of Zimbabwe’s leading daily newspapers, The Herald and the H-Metro and owns two weekly newspapers operating in tandem with the dailies, The Sunday Mail and Kwayedza. Zimbabwe Newspapers mission is to produce newspapers, print and package products and offer publishing services that add value to our customers, employees and shareholders

Threats exist because of the following changes in the external environment: 1.Deregulation of the newspaper industry.
2.Political interference
3.The growing use of direct mail is at the expense of newspaper revenues. 4.Great presence of substitutes such as television news, radio news, internet news and mobile news. 5.The growing use of internet as an advertising channel.

6.Demographic change.

Due to the above changes in the external environment Zimbabwe Newspapers wishes to reposition itself in the next 3 to 4 years in order to maintain its position as market leader and increase sales of all newspapers by 20% in the next four years and achieve a market share of 52% of its flagship newspaper, The Herald in 3 years. In order to achieve this Zimbabwe Newspapers needs to invest in a number of activities that will make it realize a positive change. The activities will include Ansoff growth strategies such as market penetration, product development, market development and diversification, market positioning strategies as well as improving the 7 Ps of marketing in order to increase sales.

However there are factors that will affect the implementation of the marketing plan such as limited funding and managerial, cultural and organizational issues such as poor and inadequate marketing intelligence, poor internal communication in marketing between functions and lack of skills and training.

As technology advances, the demand of print media decreases and consumers now opt to read the news online which is much cheaper. The threat of substitutes such as such as television news, radio news and other online news which brings news to the customer much faster, cheaper and in a more visual style than newspapers has also reduced the demand of Zimbabwe Newspapers publications. The growing use of direct mail is at the expense of newspaper revenues. Over the past 5 years, the amount spent on direct mail advertising has grown more than 100 %, compared to just over 40% for newspaper advertising The growing use of internet has gone a step further than television in eroding the advertising income of newspapers by providing a convenient vehicle for classified advertising, particularly in categories such as jobs, vehicles and real estate. Furthermore the liberation of the newspaper industry resulted in stiff competition and market loss. It is against this background that Zimbabwe Newspapers needs a marketing plan to address threats as a result of changes in the external environment.


To produce Newspapers, Print and Package Product and offer publishing services that...
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