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Marketing plan of nestles or in other words, the marketing strategy that Nestle Company is adopting is going global. This implies that the company is trying to take its business to greater heights by establishing in other countries. The country that the company wishes to go expand its business is Kenya, an African country. The company is only intending to market the nestle ice cream product in Kenya since this market has not been utilizes well. This report is aimed at providing the best solutions for the company so as to be able to meet the company’s goals in the new market. In order to meet its objectives, this report will be divided into several parts that the business needs to adopt so as to be able to meet its objectives and subsequently develops a high sales volume for its.

Company Overview
To ensure you understand the Marketing plan of nestle, it is important to have an overview of Nestle company. The Nestle producing company is based in Sidney, Australia and has been in existence since the 1940’s. Its main area of concern has been the production of beverage products like ice cream, Cadbury, chocolate and dairy products. Although the company has been facing so many challenges since its inception in the 1940’s there has been a lot of concern and changes which the company has taken to remain always the best. The management of the company is a very intact team which constitutes a board of governors who are responsible for making the decision which are important for the company

Mission & Vision Statement
The mission of the company since its inception is to provide the best Nestle products in the region by making sure that the quality of the products is researched before it is put to the market. With a lot of precision and seriousness, the company is aimed at meeting the needs of the customers by providing a variety of products which meet the demands of everyone in the country. Its vision is to become the best in the region and to make sure that it reaches many countries as much as possible so that it can boost it market and make more profits as well as meeting the needs of each customer.

Overview/Introduction of your project
Product Description
Nestle product is widely known for its nutritive and delicious value. This has made it therefore to be one of the leading products of Nestle which has the highest market share. This product is intended to be of high quality in the new market. It will come in great flavors. These include having the right quality of the product like having the right vitamins and the right minerals. The research that has been in place before the actual product is put in place is very essential since it is going to give the scope of our product line that will be guideline to both the stakeholders and the customers. These therefore will serve as a dimension that will aid the company to rate its undertakings.

Environmental Scan & Analysis

Social and Cultural Environment
Kenya is a very viable ground for Nestle ice cream product to thrive. This is because of several factors. Some of these factors include the culture in place. Kenya is a multicultural country comprising of several cultures and ethnicities which are varied. These conditions are therefore very good for the company to develop. Because of this diversity, the Nestle ice cream will have a chance to reach too many individual at a given time, therefore boosting its sales to many people at a given time (Westwood, 2000).

Economic Environment
The Kenyan economy is known for its stability in issues of recession and depression. For a long time the country has been enjoying its stability in this aspect and therefore this would boost the Nestle ice cream producing company in a very big way.

Legal-Political Environment
Kenya has a very liberal government which can allow the company to transact business in it. The laws give room for the development of mergers and give a good environment...
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