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Topics: Marketing, Customer, Footwear Pages: 12 (3929 words) Published: March 19, 2012

Snap on Heels Strategies
September 11, 2011

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary 3-4
2.0 Situation Analysis 4
2.1 Market Summary4
2.2 SWOT Analysis5-6
2.3 Competition 6-7
2.4 Product 7
2.5 Keys to Success 7-8
2.6 Critical Issues 8
3.0 Marketing Strategy8-9
3.1 Mission 9
3.2 Marketing Objectives10
3.3 Financial Objectives 10
3.4 Target Markets 10
3.5 Positioning 11
3.6 Strategies 11-13
3.7 Marketing Mix 13-14
3.8 Marketing Research 14
4.0 Controls 14-16
4.1 Implementation17
4.2 Marketing Organization17
4.3 Contingency Planning 17-18
5.0 Conclusions 18

1.0 Executive Summary
Snap on Heels will carry the most trendies’ shoes available to women for a modern world. Our shoes will be designed to support all women for any event or wearing attire. Our shoes will be designed with a woman’s needs in mind. Snap on Heels will carry a variety of shoe sizes ranging from 4 to 11, assorted styles and colors for any event. Snap on Heels understands that each woman has unique and different needs. Most importantly, we assure comfortableness while satisfying these needs. Moreover, we believe that every woman should be heard and we intend on making our customer voices heard by offering a customer client-relationship. Upon entrance of our boutique, a sales representative will be available for the pre-purchase to the post-purchase. Snap on Heels are meant to look beautiful, trendy, and inviting. However we will never design a pair of shoes that have all the appealing qualities without considering your safety. Our shoes will be built with an inline support, similar to the popular models of Heelys for easy removal and replacing of heels. Snap on Heels will design shoes in way of support for the feet with comfort in every step. “Many women love their stilettos, but high heels are definitely not made for walking. Now new research shows that wearing them regularly can even cause pain after you switch to flats or bare feet--the heels cause changes to your gait that shrink and tighten calf muscles and tendons (Gelman, L., 2010).” Per Laure Gelman, “Rule #1 from podiatric surgeon Jacqueline Sutera, DPM is to stick to heels no higher than 3 inches. Don't wear them for more than 3 hours without slipping them off for at least a few minutes. Wear 3 or more pairs of shoes of varying heights throughout the week.” Moreover, we project sales to increase quickly due to most women desires to have a heel that immediately becomes a flat shoe for the occasion/event, quality and comfort. Snap on Heels expect to generate a double-to-triple digit growth rate within its first two years. Noticeably, women purchase shoes based on quality, comfort, brand and style at a price set that is valued. Per Reuters, “Nike has been working on initiatives to help its retail partners and has offered shoes in a broader range of prices to appeal to cost-conscious shoppers.” Our price is designed to compete and offers quality at a reasonable price for most economical situation. 2.0 Situation Analysis

Snap on heels will be the first innovation of interchangeable heels to flats. Snap on heels will be designed to comfortably transform a shoe to its setting. Most shoes are designed to accommodate one style of apparel at a time. Snap on heels will introduce the luxury of accommodating many styles of apparel at any time depending upon the event. 2.1 Market Summary

The fashion industry is globally accepted around the world. The design of the Snap on heels shoe will display comfort as well as style. Some shoes are designed in a way that demonstrates fashion but not enough comfort to perform. The idea is to reach young woman that adores trendy styles. The Snap on heels will provide comfort and fashion at a reasonable price. Dominique McClain Barteet, RPh invented the first interchangeable shoes. The vision was to...
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