Marketing Plan: Rechargeable Mosquito Coil

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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Developing Marketing Plan On
New Product: Rechargeable Mosquito Coil.


Date of Submission The 31, July 29, 2010


Developing Marketing Plan On
New Product - Rechargeable Mosquito Coil.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Prepared For:

Md. Zahedul Alam
Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh

Course Title

Marketing Management (BBA2310)

Prepared By

Syed Rejoanul Hoq
Id: 090103112
Section- E
Semester- Summer 2010 (5th)

Section: E

Date of Submission

July 29, 2010

Letter of Transmittal

July 29, 2010

Md. Zahedul Alam

Senior Lecturer, BBA Department

Northern University Bangladesh
Sub: Report on Developing Marketing Plan

Dear Sir,
This is the report on Developing Marketing Plan for whom you assigned us to analysis.

We are pleased to submit you this report as per your direction given during the semester. All the necessary information has been collected from the Web site.

As a beginner in study, we had many limitations. However we have thoroughly enjoyed preparing this report, which has contributed significantly to out practical life. we hope that it will be accepted to you for its nice analysis.

Syed Rejoanul Hoq

I am very much grateful to my almighty Allah that he gives me the strength to complete the report in the right manner and right time.

I am also grateful to my Course instructor Md. Zahedul Alam for his constant guidance invaluable suggestions motivation in difficult times and friendly encouragement which were extremely helpful in accomplishing this report. he also has given me the flexibility to the topic for my analysis. As a result I have been able to carry on my program with such reputed web site. The proper guidance and helpful attitude of his is also worth mentioning.

I am very grateful to our university to giving the opportunity to work and several supports. Special thanks must be offered to our Course Instructor for his generous cooperation.

I also like to convey thanks to all the friends who help me to complete the report by given co-operation.

Syed Rejoanul Hoq
ID No: BBA 090103112
Section- E
Semester- 5th
Bachelor of Business Administration
Northern University Bangladesh

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