Marketing Plan on Smsung Galaxy-S

Topics: Marketing, Smartphone, Product management Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: November 24, 2010
Assignment on: Principles of Marketing
Course Code: (EIB-507)
Topic: Marketing Plan For SAMSUNG Smartphone “GALAXY-S”.

Prepared for: Md. Kamal Uddin Ph.D (Osaka University)
Associate Professor,
Dept. of International Business,
University of Dhaka

Prepared by: Md. Asif Jamal
ID: 80903059
Date of submission: 05/08/2010

Executive Summary
SAMSUNG is preparing to launch a new multimedia Smartphone- SAMSUNG GALAXY-S in a maturing market. Despite the Smartphone leaders i-Phone, HTC, O-2, NOKIA and others “GALAXY-S” can compete because this product offers a unique combination of features at a value-added price. SAMSUNG is targeting specific segments in the consumer and the business markets, taking advantage of opportunities indicated by higher demand for easy to use Smartphones with expanded communications, entertainment, softwares and storage facility.

The primary marketing objective is to achieve first year BD market share of 5 percent wit unit sales of 5000. The primary financial objectives are to achieve first year sales revenue of BDT.235 million. Keep first year losses to less than BDT. 40 million and break even early in the second year.

Market Description:
SAMSUNG GALAXY-S’s market consists of consumer and business users who prefer to use a single device for communication, Social Networking, Information storage and exchange and entertainment on the go. Specific segments being targeted during the first year includes professionals, corporations, students, entrepreneurs and medical users.

Purchases can choose between models based on several different operating systems, including systems from i-Phone, Palm, Microsoft and Symbian plus Linux variations. GALAXY-S licenses G-2 based systems because it less vulnerable to attack by hackers and viruses. With a mass storage becoming commonplace in the Smartphone market “GALAXY- S” is equipped with ultrafast 32 gigabyte internal hard drive and expandable up to 96 GB for information and entertainment...
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