Marketing Plan of a Indian Restaurant

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Marketing plan for Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane, Year 2011
Marketing plan for Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane, Year 2011 Introduction:
Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane is at the gateway to Bangla town in London and a branch of Clifton group, where using traditional recipes, cooked fresh and original spices. This contemporary specious restaurant has 200 seating environment, it offers an extensive range of high quality dishes prepared with unique recipes as well as warm hospitality of Bangladesh and its sub-continent. Restaurant distinctive features are great food taste and quality, customer service and competitive price. Scoping statement:

The 2011 marketing plan for Clifton Restaurant emphasises on a significant growth in company sales and profit over the year. The target sale is £624k a planned 20% increase in company revenue. Among the revenue £50k will be gain from online sales. It is possible to gain the company target revenue because of the current market trend and plan to advertise company website and through different channels. To achieve the goals company marketing budget is £7800 or less 1.5% of total revenue. Table-1: Rank ordered SWOT analysis of Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane for 2010- 2011 Weaknesses

1. New brand Restaurant started business (Jungle braai) 6 months ago. 2. No new promotions.
3. Almost 0% of advertising.
4. No parking facility.
5. No disable access and toilet.
6. Menu has changed and most of the food prices 20% increase. 7. Less than 20% sales of drinks from the bar.

1. The Restaurant is gateway to Banglatown in London.
2. 10 years experience in Restaurant business.
3. Restaurant has live kitchen and customers enjoy it very much. 4. Good and variety range of food (25 products).
5. Monthly getting 1-2 outdoor catering.
6. Affordable price start from£0.65 to £12.95.
7. More than 200 attractive & specious sitting
environment (upstairs & downstairs).



Key findings:
In Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane almost 0% of advertising and food prices increase 20%. The bar is very small and not displayed most of spirits as well as less than 20% sales of drinks of the total revenue in the year. Every month new service assistant and always menu changes as well as increase prices are not acceptable to customer. New mission and vision statement for Clifton Restaurant,Bricklane 2011 Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane is the gateway in Banglatown who has live kitchen, provides excellent service, healthy and superior quality food with great taste according to the customer satisfaction with value for money allowing them to spread the business in London. In 2011 our aim to gain financial well-being, goodwill and high reputation for the company. By the year 2011 to get competitive advantage over the competitors it transform the company website with online ordering facility.

The Marketing objective of Clifton Restaurant by the coming 2011

S-Specific: Aim to increase sales 20% by end of the year 2011.

M-Measurable: Increase customer satisfaction from 70% to 80% by the end of 2011.

A-Achievable: Aim to increase 50% of indoor catering sales on weekend by 2011.

R-Realistic: Increase brand awareness from 3%-5% by the end of year 2011.

T-Timed: Aim to reduce customer complain from 5% to 3% by June 2011.

E-Marketing objective for Clifton Restaurant,Brick lane coming year 2011 SellAim to increase online sale 0-5% by April 2011.

ServeIncrease no of delivery from 0-5 per day by the end of April 2011.

SaveWith the help of e-marketing Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane can reduce the...
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