Marketing Plan of Berger

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Introduction to the report

Objective of the study

Historical background of the
Short and long term objective

Ummul Khayer Fatema
Roll –017
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7th batch
Dept. of Finance & Banking University of Dhaka

Introduction to the report

The businesses are ever changing so are the way of their characteristics. The changing scenario presents us new techniques and methods of business as well as their marketing strategies. The core of business is to market the product that will be attracted by the consumers and also the product will satisfy the consumer’s needs. Marketing efforts are vital for any business that is the combination of various factors affecting the real market scenario. The changing environment creating new issues that must be considered for doing a business. In this dynamic business world the scenario of business aspect changes so rapidly that one false decision could cause the firm to loose its very existence. We have chosen to conduct the study in BERGER paints Bangladesh Limited because they are the leading firm in the painting industry occupying the highest market share.

Objective of the study

The objective of the report is to involve us in a practical situation about how a company develops and maintains their marketing issues. As the scenario of market is changing day-by-day, new marketing process and techniques are implemented. The textbook ideas are not enough to gain the actual things, so this study will certainly adjust us with the situation prevailing in the field in respect to marketing in the industry. This report elaborates the total marketing process starting from analyzing marketing opportunities to managing marketing effort. Each of the segments has been stated in a manner that will be sufficient to have an idea about marketing process followed by BERGER paints Bangladesh Limited.

Historical Background and introduction to BERGER

Berger Paints began its painting in Bangladesh since independence. And this has been a footstep to bring more than 230 years of global paint industry experience into Bangladesh. Over the decades, Berger has evolved to becoming the leading paint solution provider in this country and has diversified into every sphere of the industry -from Decorative Paints to Industrial Coatings, from Marine Coatings to Power Coatings and what not. To give a comprehensive and sustainable painting solution to the need of the industry, Berger has invested more on technology and Research & Development (R & D) than any other manufacturer in this market. It selects the raw materials from some of the best-known names in the world: MITSUI, MOBIL, DUPONT, HOECHST, and BASF are a few to name. The superior quality of Berger's products has been possible because of support from its advanced plants and an international-standard of strict quality. Following TQM it ensure the best to managing its efforts.

Mission of Berger as a Group

Organization’s mission refers to management’s customized answer to the question “what is the business of the company and what will it be”. A mission statement broadly outlines the organization’s future direction and serves as a guiding concept for what the organization is to do and to become.

The mission of the Berger as a Group is;
“Our consumer products will be the preferred partner in the supply of branded coating systems, services and hardware products for use in construction and home improvement, through innovation and a profound understanding of our customers and consumers.”

Visions of Berger as a Group...
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