Marketing Plan Lush Cosmetics

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A year marketing plan to take Lush cosmetics forward



1. Introduction
2.2.1. Lush cosmetics history
2.2.2. Purpose of the marketing plan
2.2. Lush cosmetics mission statement
2.3.3. Lush cosmetics market

2. Situational Analysis
2.1.Current product analysis
2.2.Product description
2.3.Current pricing strategy
2.4.Current products pricing
2.5. Current distribution
2.6.Current promotion

3. Current target market analysis
3.1. Target market approach
3.2.Strategic advantage
3.3.Demographic profile
3.4.Target customers
3.5. Product position map
3.6. Customer attitude
3.6.1.Customer satisfaction survey
3.7.Purchasing process
3.8.Market size and forecast
3.8.1Size and forecast
3.9.Beauty retailer’s prospects

4 Current competitors analysis
4.1. Current competitors
4.1.1.Lush competitors table
4.2.Competitive advantage

5. External forces analysis
5.1. Environmental factors

6. Summary

7. Marketing strategy and objectives
8.1. Marketing strategy
8.2. Financial objective
8.3. Marketing objective
8.4. Identifying Lush marketing strategy

8. Determine marketing objective

9. Marketing strategy

10. Tactical marketing programs

11.1. Target market
11.2. Product
11.3. Promotion
11.4. Place
11.4.1. Direct sales
11.4.2. Indirect sales
11.5. Price
11.5.1. Online prices
11.5.2. Indirect sales prices
11.5.3. New price list

12. Cost

13. Advantages

14. Implementation

15. Control

16. Evaluation

17. References

1. Introduction
This marketing plan will introduce the steps which will help to take Lush cosmetics forward in the year July 2010 to June 2011. The plan will analyse Lush cosmetics current situation (internal and external threats, suppliers and customers attitude and Lush’s main competitors). The plan will then introduce a year’s tactical decisions which will take Lush cosmetics forward.

2.2. Lush cosmetics history
Lush cosmetics produces handmade cosmetics using organic fruits and vegetables, essential oils and safe-synthetic ingredients in all their products. They are against the use of animal fat in their products; In addition to that they are also against animal testing and perform tests solely with volunteers (people).

In 1994 the founders Mark and Mo Constantine opened their first Lush store in Poole in the UK where the company's headquarters is today. Today Lush has now more than 600 stores in 43 countries and has targeted 1000 stores in the future. Lush cosmetics produces and sells a variety of handmade products, including face masks, soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, hand and body lotions and hair treatments.

2.3. Purpose of the Marketing Plan
This marketing plan is to help Lush cosmetics to increase sales, revenue, profit and increase customer awareness in the coming year. This will be done by improving on the sales and marketing tactics on the existing products.

1.4. Lush Cosmetics Mission Statement
Lush cosmetics produce handmade cosmetics using organic fruits and vegetable, essential oil and natural ingredients. Lush cosmetic is strongly against animal testing and uses volunteers for their products testing and do not trade with companies that test on animals. Lush do not package its products and if they have to then only in recyclable packages. Lush do not spend money on adverts or pay famous people to advertise their products. The only adverting Lush does is mailing the Lush Times (their own news papers) to customers and give out to shoppers, all the people in the lush Times are employees and customers. Also Lush has cut off intermediates and trade direct with its suppliers to offer them the best price and have also form partnership with some...
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