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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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I. Executive Summary

Client Background

Dominos Pizza located in Elk River has been open for over 24 years. It started in its first location at Dodge Avenue, and moved in 2010 to the current location on Carson Court. The Elk River location is the only location out of all 8,000 stores with 20/20 store image. Domino’s Pizza is open every day of the year including holidays.


The three main objectives have been set to be achieved through the twelve week promotion plan. The objectives are as follows:

• to increase the amount of items purchased by young adults.

• to increase sales of stuffed cheesy bread and parmesan bites.

• to make Dominos name stand out from competitors.

Event Schedule

The twelve week ad campaign includes the following promotions.

▪ Facebook posting and updates occurring every Monday and Friday.

▪ Pandora will have advertisements the last five days of each month.

▪ Advertising at ERX during each main event for these three months.

▪ Sherburne County Fair and Parade held in July.

▪ Mail will be sent out, customers will receive special offers and deals by Wednesday of every week.

Budget and Benefits

|Advertisement |Cost Per Advertisement |Quantity |Total | |Type | | |Cost | |Mail |0.75 everything included |2666 |$2000.00 | |Facebook Page |Free to create page |1 |$0.00 | |Elk River Extreme Motor Park |$21 to create banner |3 |$63.00 | |(ERX) |$200.00 per day for medium size |3 |$600.00 | | |banner | | | |Sherburne county Fair |Fair donations |1 donation |$2000.00 | |Sherburne County Parade |Cups: $0.25 |150 |$37.50 | | |Bags: $1.50 |10 |$15.00 | | |T- shirts: $7.05 |25 |$176.25 | | |Beach balls: $0.35 |60 |$18.00 | | |Parade: Free |1 |$0.00 | |Pizza Box Advertisements |Special offer advertisement |2,000 |$20.00 | |Pandora |$1200 per ad |15 |$18000.00 | | |(one ad per day) | | | |DP Advertising |$75 per hour |16 |$1,200.00 |

Domino’s Elk River location does not have a specific budget for advertising; the store’s return of interest must meet the total cost of the advertisement along with a profit.

II. Descriptions

A. Description of the product, service, company or business selected.

It started in the year 1960 when two brothers named Tom and James Monaghan bought a small pizzeria in Ypsilanti, Michigan by the name of Dominick’s Pizza. James quit and traded his shares with his brother Tom. This led Tom to revitalize the image and rename it, Domino’s Pizza. The company logo was originally planned to add a new dot with the addition of every new store, but this idea quickly faded as Domino's experienced rapid growth. The three dots represent the stores that were open at the time of 1969.

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