Marketing Plan for a New Innovative Product in the Food Industry

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Marketing Plan|
G.Bunn (gb252) ,Q.Guiral (qg5), M.Hague (mh397), S.Jain (sj250), E.Lombardo (el)| 12/17/2010|

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1.0 Product Concept
2.0 Key Trends
3.0 Target Market
4.0 Brand
4.5 Tailored
4.6 Reliable
4.7 Engaging
4.8 News
4.9 Dedicated
4.10 You-Nique
5.0 Promotion
6.0 Pricing


Our product is a Web-Magazine. The aim of this E-zine is to gather formal information about food trends in the United Kingdom. This information will be extracted from legitimate databases( ex: data monitor, Business Source Complete, Emerald Journals, GMID - Euro monitor, keynote, MIT Press Journals) ,national news sources and legislation agencies and put on one website. This product centers upon the will to communicate to the food attracted and conscious. With this product, we hope to provide information to consumers with the issues linked to the UK food industry but also the positive aspects of it. It will be free to view e-zine in the short run, where consumers are given the option to receive free newsletters via email when new articles are available online. This is a facilitating tool which aims to be time-saving for customers’ who want fast, relevant, easy access to food trends. Our challenge will be to communicate with clarity. Our unique selling proposition is simply that the content focuses on the following: food, health, and families. We provide a very simple objective on the food industry (see 4.0). Our slogan, “more than just news" reflects our objective. Food articles will constitute the main form information, simple, catchy and entertaining. Articles will be based on micro and macroeconomic events which might affect the nature of food availability in British distributors. The recipe section will also be available under each article in order to provide tangibles to articles. The forum section provides a platform for subscribers to discuss topical issues and meet like-minded others. A seasonal food calendar will be uploaded on a monthly basis, presenting food products currently at their peak. Web videos, links and free downloads will be posted to related articles or recipes. For children, the information will be presented in an entertaining format e.g. online games, quizzes, and videos. The e-zine will be convenient and accessible from any source of internet. A mockup of our home-page is attached in the appendix. 2.0 Key Trends

2.1 Convenience Foods: The trend in convenience food derives from social factors such as single households and increases in women working. Additionally, reductions in average household size due to smaller family sizes, increase in lone-parent families and single person households has increased demand for convenience foods. The recession has seen a decrease in ready meal purchases and an increase home cooking. Convenience foods such as pizzas, grated and sliced cheeses has risen and is attributed to increase in single households. (Key Note, 2010). 2.2 Healthy Eating: The trend in healthy eating is attributed, in part, to the Government’s aims to reduce obesity rates in Britain. According to the NHS Information Centre (NHS. 2010), obesity rates continue to increase in both children and adults. The consumption of high calorie, energy dense foodstuffs results in obesity and is associated with other diet related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. (Kearney, 2010) Obesity is an issue on a global level and Kearney (2010) argues “healthy” agriculture should be considered in global policy making. Conversely, there is a growing trend in children who undertake weight-loss dieting and an increase in associated eating...
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