Marketing Plan for Vogue Bags

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United States of America is a successful country in terms of business and economic status. Because of this high economic status, many entrepreneurs were attracted and preferred to start business in this country.

Vogue was formed by a group compose of four businessmen from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The product was formed from a project plan which is selling of customized bags and named it Vogue, which means fashionable and trendy. The bag produced from a project plan turned into a part time business, after it was sold to the number of teenagers who became interested with the product, it gave them the idea of importing the products produced to United States of America with the help of a close relative and also a business man in the States. The product at first was not recognized in the market which resulted to innovation of the product. The product was later on noticed and started to become in demand in States making them able to build the first branch of Vogue. Because of the large profit they were able to expand assets and Vogue made a big name in market industry.

Since Vogue was founded in the year 2007, Vogue Company Inc. has become one of the best sellers of bags for school and office use in the States, being able to build five branches in America and this year, 2011, Vogue Company Inc. is able to launch their first ever branch in Asia which is in the Philippines.


• To innovate and develop a unique, affordable and a quality made bags.

• To fulfill the desired style that matches the personality of the consumers.


• To spread a bag that will suit to the consumers’ taste,

• To increase its sales and production, to gain big profits from it.

I. Target Market

Vogue aims to catch the attention of the different types of people. The main users of this product include students and office workers of both sexual categories. Because they need a quality bag product to protect their things from wet season and also thinking where they can put their things and bring it anywhere.

I.1 Demand Analysis

The criterion of Vogue in selecting the market segment is the state of being and state of mind of the buyers.

• Basis for Demographic Criteria:

➢ Age - people aged 9 years and above

➢ Occupation- Office workers or employees and students

➢ Income - employed people or children with parents that earns an

income of 5000 php and above.

Because Vogue bag best fits for school and office use. Students from grades school and college could use this bag and also by the office workers and employees. Another basis is income. Income is the source of money of the buyers, to be able to avail Vogue products; a buyer must have enough income or money.

• Basis for Psychographic Criteria:

Lifestyle oriented and social classed people become one of the selected market segments of Vogue products because most people believes that the brand that they bought and used reflects to their personality, likewise, the price of a product is a signal of what quality to expect. For this reason, consumers’ taste for the product is greatly affected. These statements fit the product produce by Vogue which offers high quality products at the same time, fashionable.

I.2 Supply Analysis

Materials used in making the product:

• Jeans Cloth

• Polyester Cloth

• Reversible slider

• Ordinary Zipper

• Connectors

• Adjuster

• Strap 1.5 inches

• Hooks

• Snap buttons


• Sewing Machine

• Snap Fastener

Step by step process:

1. Make a pattern for every parts of the bag

2. Cut the patterns made.

3. Trace the pattern to the cloth

4. Cut the traced portion of the cloth....
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