Marketing Plan for the Mongoose Cricket Bat

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Marketing Plan for Mongoose Style Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Situation Analysis
There is no doubt that Cricket is the most popular sport in India. The cricket bat manufacturing industry in India has been thriving since the time the British first saw the abundance of Willow trees in the Kashmir valley, and introduced the art of bat making in India. The cricket bat industry in India is a 66 crore industry. Bats made of Kashmir willow are second only to the ones made of English willow. These Indian made bats are used by professionals the world over, including star Indian players like Yuvraj Singh and Virendar Sehwag. The raw materials to make bats is plentiful and so is the skilled workmanship required to craft a good quality bat. The cricket bat industry in India is highly unorganized. The most popular brands of cricket bats available in India are BDM, SS, and SG. Recently, there global sports equipment giants like Nike, Adidas and Reebok have also made an entry into this market. The design of the cricket bat has remained largely unchanged since 1771. However, different designs, materials and variations have been tried. The most defining features of a cricket bat are its weight, type of wood and length of the handle. Recently, with the advent of 20-20 cricket and also changes in the traditional 50 over format that encourages batsmen to take more risks, a radical new design in cricket bat has caught the attention of cricket players the world over. It is called the Mongoose bat. As per cricket experts, the mongoose bat with its 33% shorter blade and 43% longer handle will enable the batsman to hit the ball harder and longer by generating higher bat speeds. The physics behind the design are such that the so called “sweet spot” is distributed throughout the surface of the blade, thus making it an ideal bat for the shorter versions of the game. Opportunity Analysis

The advent of 20-20 cricket has revolutionized the game. It has become shorter, faster and more exciting to watch. The mongoose bat could ride on this new wave of change engulfing cricket. Now is the best time to enter the market with a new product. The existing original Mongoose branded bat sells between Rs 17000 and Rs.23000. Therefore, there is definitely an opportunity to market a similar bat made of Kashmir willow at a much more affordable price for the Indian consumers. Issue Analysis

The following are some of the issues that need closer analysis: * The Kashmir bat industry is facing stiff competition from bats made of English willow as the latter is said to be of superior quality * Difficulty in transportation of finished products from the factories in Kashmir is another pressing issue, especially in these days of violent turmoil and political unstability in the valley * A lot of official formalities needs to be addressed and procedures need to be followed to move the finished goods from one state to another. * -------------------------------------------------

Another issue is that many of the Indian players were unable to perform satisfactorily by the Mongoose bat in IPL3. This might dissuade Indian consumers from buying the bat.

Segmentation Targeting Positioning
Our segment is semi professional and professional cricket players. This is because at Rs. 2488, it is priced way over the average price of a regular cricket bat used by amateurs. Amateur cricket players, or recreational players usually play the game using a tennis ball and do not require a high grade Kashmir willow cricket bat. The age bracket we are looking at is players around 16 to 40 years old. Kids are not a part of the segment because based on interviews with school coaches and parents, it was observed that kids taking up cricket are encouraged to learn the basics of the sport in the conventional manner. The mongoose bat is a recent innovation in cricket aimed at the shorter versions of the game that encourages hard hitting. Over the years cricket has gotten shorter, faster...
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