Marketing Plan for Solar Home System Targeting Rural Households

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Marketing Plan

Prepared for
Dr. Mohammad Baktiar Rana
Course Instructor,
BUS 509: Marketing Management

Prepared by
Mohammad Arafat Hossain (201103069)
Mohammad Mufakkharul Islam (201103074)
Soeb Md. Shoayeb Noman (201103114)
Md. Ahsan Mahmud Rassel (201201007)

Jahangirnagar University
April 26, 2012

1. Executive Summary

We are the ultimate battery provider for bus, truck and households. In addition to that we are trying to provide Solar Home System for rural households. We are trying to reach the poor rural people to whom the government could not reach with high quality green energy alternative power solution to rural people at a competitive price and continue to contribute to the socio-economic growth in Bangladesh. We will work to grow these markets and develop the Solar Home System for rural people. Our next target is to provide high powered Solar System for Urban people and corporate sector. Local market research indicates that there is great demand for Solar Home System and corporate solar power system. We have huge amount of experience in power sector. We will sell our products directly to the customers. After looking to the fact that maximum number of people in the rural sector is poor, we will give them the option to pay the price in installments and make some close relationship with customer with better after sale service. After couple of years we will try to develop relationships with different local dealers and other retailers to sell some of our products.

2. Situation Analysis

Our products have been well received and marketing is the key to the development of brand and product awareness as well as the growth of the customer base. We are offering different type of power product such as battery for cur, bus, truck and households. We are also providing IPS and other similar type of products. Now we are trying to launch our new product of Solar Home System.

1. Market Summary

According Power Development Board (PDB) Bangladesh, nearly 70% of households in Bangladesh are not connected to the electricity grid and so depend on kerosene for lighting. This includes most rural areas and also the fringes of Dhaka. There are plans to extend the grid, but there is little prospect of substantial change in the near future.

Target Markets

Rural Households in Bangladesh

1. Market Demographics

The profile for the typical Solar Plan customer consists of the following geographic, demographic and behavior factors.


• We have a target area of Rural Households of Bangladesh. At this moment we are not targeting the International Markets but only local Markets. Our main focus will be on the rural and Semi-rural populations.

• The total targeted population is 70 million users (1.6 million families).


• Solar Home System is for the households not for the individual customers. That’s why all the households in the rural areas are included.

• The users have a median household annual income of tk 90,000.

Behavioral Factors

• Users enjoy having new things. They are out of electricity grid. They are eager to get touch of it.

• Users in Bangladesh are price sensitive. They like to use/consume low cost products.

2. Market Needs

In the battery market our company is providing the community with a wide range of products for all. The company seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to its customers:

Quality Product: People cannot buy Solar Home System every day. They would like to purchase these types of product for longer period. The customers work hard for their money and do not enjoy spending it on disposable products that work for only a year or two.

Easily Installable: People sometimes face a lot of difficulties in installing...
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