Marketing Plan for Reversible Bikinis

Topics: Swimsuit, Bikini, Thong Pages: 61 (20351 words) Published: April 2, 2008
College of Business and Economics
Marketing Department

Marketing Plan of Bikinky
by La Chica

a Marketing Plan
in partial fulfillment
of the course

MARKPRO – Product Marketing

Submitted by:

Camille Victoria Canlas
Camille Ante
Stephanie Po
Pia Marie Palisoc
Laurice Angeline Tan
Jonreph Tan

Submitted to:

Mr. JL Liongson

April 2, 2008


La Chica is a Filipino-made summer clothing brand which sells ready-to-wear and customized swimwear and accessories for women. It aims to reflect the customers’ personality by dressing the swimwear up which suits their style. La Chica is launching its new product line, Bikinky. It is a two-sided bikini which has different designs and partnered with a bottom. It wants to show and explore one’s character. La Chica wants to unveil Bikinky by it the dissemination of its uniqueness by creating brand awareness through the use of initial events and print ads in magazines. There is a need to achieve to being the preferred brand for bikinis. It wants to provide better customer relations and services. It stresses the need to strengthen its relationship with their existing customers by providing more incentives and benefits. La Chica can look into the profile of their target market to know how they would be able to meet their wants and needs suitably. La Chica invests in research heavily, it conducts focus group discussions and surveys to determine the preference of the target market and to evaluate its promotions. La Chica will invest heavily in promotions like fashion shows and ads. To achieve the capture of the target market, La Chica offers franchising to business partners to open in strategic areas. This will also help in the increase in sales. La Chica also wants to develop more designs and styles to adapt the target market’s preferred designs. La Chica will also evaluate its financial statements to monitor its sales and profit and to monitor its costs to further know if its production is efficient.


With 7,107 islands and a coastline twice the length of that of USA, Philippines is alleged to be the beach capital of Asia where we can enjoy the warm crystal blue waters and amazing sunsets of its white sand beaches, a perfect treat for those who take pleasure in the summer heat of the sun. It offers an exhilarating breadth of vacation activities and destinations ranging from the exciting to the exotic. The spectacular resorts and beaches that you will find here present many unique qualities and recreational possibilities for any taste, thus making it one of the greatest Asian destinations. Philippines is improving to be a hit maker in the travel and leisure industry for years to come. In the first half of 2007, about 468,281 foreign tourists arrived in the Philippines, which is up 6% from foreign tourist arrivals for the same period of 2006. The popularity of the Philippines as a tourist destination is mainly attributed to its beautiful beaches. In fact, many tourists go to the Philippines because of beach-related travel and activities. And with this trend, the bikini fashion is becoming more alive and vibrant than ever. Evoking images of beautiful beaches, clear blue skies and pina coladas in hand, bikini is the fashion’s epitome of summer. You might have seen and wondered at women walking across sea shores and even in public with almost nothing on their body but two tiny pieces of cloth. The almost invisible cloths are nothing but a great fashion trend in women's wears, the bikini. This two-piece garment has become so integral to the summer season; no other dressing style of the 20th century has attracted the female generation so eminently like this. An average woman is said to own up to 10 sets of these and every year they tend to shop for more. Fortunately, the bikini fashion industry is still continuously coming up with a wide range of...
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