Marketing Plan for Puma

Topics: Adidas, Nike, Inc., Marketing Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: August 4, 2008

Puma was founded in 1924 in Germany, by two brothers, and it’s first official ‘out’ was in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. At that time all of the German athletic team was outfitted by the company. In November of 2005 PUMA announced that it will sponsor 8 countries in the 2006 World Soccer Championship. One of the countries that is not included is the US. The growing popularity of the brand has resulted in the worldwide sales gain of over 20% in the 2004, and the sales gain of over 19% in 2003. The next step for PUMA would be to show more of a presence in the US market and increase their sales in the US, while offering innovative, quality products.

Market description
PUMA’s market consists mainly of customers who are interested in sports (soccer, basketball, skateboard and so on). These customers are looking for distinctive, colorful, quality brand, that is going to offer comfort, durability and fair price. PUMA is looking to enforce their core values in the US: spontaneity, authenticity and individualism. Another point for PUMA is to be more responsive, consumer-driven company. They are looking at more interaction with their customers, through their state of the art, unique shops. Currently PUMA has 46 stores, including puma. Com, worldwide.

Product review
The apparel offers innovative technology that enhances performance. Whether you want it just for a walk in the park and the look fashionable, or whether you are playing a game of soccer on the hard ground. This company will offer everything. There are so many different products: jackets, pants, shoes, bags etc. They are all colorful with the same logo: the jumping puma. The customers can chose in men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, as well in shoes and accessories. The clothing is made out of finest cottons, and the shoes from durable leathers. Competitive Review

Puma has many different competitors: Adidas, Nike, Champion, Umbro and so...
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