Marketing Plan for News Corporation

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PERIOD 2012-2015

Students: Annie – 11026399
Fiona – 12020379
Max – 10020416
Tiffany – 11026952
November, 2012

* Introduction
* Mission statement
* SWOT& analysis
* Assumptions
* Marketing Objectives
* Marketing Strategy
* Marketing Mix Recommendations
* Reference
* Appendix

1. Introduction
News Corporation is a global media corporation controlled by Rupert Murdoch. News Corporation (known as News Corp), one of the world's largest media conglomerates, is the globe’s primary publisher of English-language newspapers and digital brands (FOX online stream). The News Corporation’s portfolio is extended in terms of products and geographical regions. Currently, News Corp operates in the United Kingdom (the U.K), the United States, Australia, and other regions across many countries and areas. This case study makes reference to the extended portfolio of News Corporation, but focuses on the British newspaper market. In this period, The News International faces different kinds of challengers, from other international media groups and from local rivals in the British market. They compete with News Corp in every aspect, among which are two determinant factors: price and products. Moreover, nowadays readers tend to change their taste for newspapers: they turn to newspapers as a kind of entertainment rather than information obtaining. From all the insights above, this marketing plan is designed in the hope of News Corp’s gaining more competitive advantage during the three years 2012-2015.

2. Mission statement
News Corp aims to get the leader position and creates distinctive value in British newspaper market by providing readers with updated, useful and trend-catching information. This new strategy will enhance market shares in three different markets: The ‘Popular market’, The ‘Mid market’ and The ‘Quality market’ (Brennan, Baines and Garneau, 2003: 272). Furthermore, together with the technology development and trend of reading online newspapers (The State of the News Media, 2012), News Corp also designs online newspapers version specially dedicated to consumers who are in favor of reading online.

3. SWOT & Analysis
S.W.O.T. Analysis Table
Internal↓| External↓| |
STRENGTH:•It is amongst the top media conglomerate in terms of revenues. •Aggressive price control.•It has large number of subsidiaries and most of them are profitable and well-known in newspaper field.•It is operating worldwide. • Consistent in expansion,revenue and profit growth.•Diversified media and entertainment business.•Strong market position and customer reach.| OPPORTUNITY: •Newspaper and broadcasting market growth.•Acquire online more news and magazine websites and blogs.•Alternative media outlets (i.e., online)| Favorable| WEAKNESS:•Involvement in various legal litigations, which harm the company’s image.•Decline in sales of publishing industry perhaps reduces the sales of News corporation•No clear successor for CEO• Price war leads to profit squeeze•Lack of readership in Mid-market| THREATS:• Alternative free sources of information on internet.• It is facing strong competition from major player in NEWSPAPER industry.•Regulatory risks •Politic situation• Online Piracy• Change in government regulation.| Unfavorable|

Fundamentally, this SWOT analysis bases on the PEST as external environment analysis, together with Porter’s Five Forces as internal environment analysis. To have more information in detail, readers can gain from Appendix part.

3.1 *PEST Analysis Chart A-1:
The most efficient way to identify the key strategic environmental factors is to conduct a P.E.S.T analysis. So, the key strategic factors are as follows chart (PEST Analysis Chart A-2 in Appendix). 3.2 * Porter’s Five Forces Analysis:

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