Marketing Plan for Maharashtra Tourism

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Maharashtra Tourism

1.Executive Summary
Indian economy is growing and Tourism’s contribution to the economy is increasing since few year. Maharashtra as a state has immense to offer in support for the growing tourism industry; however its potential remains largely untapped. The reason for this are:- •Lack of Product/Site promotions

Lack of products for the “Most Visit” and “Most Spend” segments of India tourist •Lack of Coherent marketing of the various offering and creating pull for the tourists. •Lack of proper service and after visit initiative.

Our focus to solve these problems and increase the share of Maharashtra Tourism is based on four “R’s”:- Revamp- The use of mediums to communicate to the potential tourists needs to be changed, a shift has to be made on to focus on use of social media, Print media, Web promotions, Mobile Applications. We suggest use of new Brand Mascot, “GajA”, a new Tagline of “Explore Maharashtra” and a new slogan “Give life to happiness”. Realign- The various offering of the Maharashtra needs to be changed from a Place marketing model to Experience model, e.g Instead of promotion of places like Ajanta and Ellora, Elephanta Caves, an integrated product of Heritage Marketing can be formed. Reassure- An important latent need of the Tourist is standardization of the service and support during the tour. We plan to cater to this need with the mean of “Power card” which will act as one stop tool to provide Tourists with information, Tour details, discounts and other value additions Reach- Brand Maharashtra should extend its reach to multi segregated Tourist market. Word of Mouth remains as one of the most popular reason for the new tourist for visit to a place and in the same line what better way to promote a place that its pictures. We propose a mean for Maharashtra to create a offering in this by mean of a photo sharing web space. The cost factor for all this figure out to be------------- . The benefits , tangible and intangible can be estimated to be--------------. Maharashtra had 25 million tourists visiting it in 2009 with 2 million foreign tourists. We propose the marketing mix plan to attract around 30 million tourists next year with close to 2.5 million foreign tourists. We believe that all these effort will create a vibrant brand for Maharashtra in the minds of Tourists and create Tourism as sustainable revenue model for the state.

2.1. Current Tourism Industry and its potential
India has the potential to become a major tourist destination in the world with the demand growing at 10.1% p.a., the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has predicted. According to the latest World Tourism Organization statistics (UNWTO Barometer), 880 million international tourist arrivals were recorded last year of which India's share was 0.58 per cent. Though much smaller countries like Singapore received twice the number of tourists, the upside of the scenario is that the average duration of stay of a tourist in Singapore is 4.2 days , 12 days, according to the Indian tourism industry. This was supported by the fact that India accounted for 1.24% of the total international tourism receipt. India received nearly 5.1 million foreign visitors (excluding nations of the country residing abroad) in 2009 and 30% of them are tourists. The Ministry of Tourism is working towards achieving the target of 25 million international tourists by 2020. The inbound tourism in India accounts for 650 Million tourists. The inbound tourism is concentrated in South which accounts for 47% of the tourism while the major tourism destinations in the north are UP and Rajasthan. Maharashtra ranked 6th among all Indian states in the number of domestic tourists (Source: Ministry of Tourism, GOI) and 2nd for attracting the number of foreign tourist visits. Mumbai, Pune and Aurangabad accounts for 95% of the international tourist visits and thus the penetration of the international...
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