Marketing Plan for Lidl

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Strategic management Pages: 17 (5067 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
History and Back Ground3
Lidl Mission5
Lidl Marketing Objectives5
Current Situation6
Situational Analysis6
PESTEL Analysis6
Porter Five Force Analysis8
SWOT Analysis9
Market segmentation10
Product Mix11
Implementing Marketing Strategy12
Budgeting and Forecasting14
Measure and control14
Lidl measure and control mechanism15
Risks and strategies16
Operations and marketing integration17
Supply chain management17
Lidl supply chain18
Capacity Planning19
1.Lidl Market Share Comparison21
2.Lidl Advertising Split by media 200821
3.Porter five force analysis22
4.Schedule for operational activities23

Executive Summary

The basic purpose of this report is marketing planning for Lidle who want to launch baby clothing. Lidle is German based discount retail store and is growing very fast in UK. It just entered in UK in 1990’s but because of its fast growth it make itself noticeable. Lidl is operating in more than 23 European countries. So the report will outline the marketing plan for launching new product, strategies to implement the marketing plan successfully and measuring performance and control. Baby cloths will be offered under Lidl brand as well as under premium category that will offer branded cloths like George and F&F and the pricing policy for both category will be different. The 1st stage of the plan is introducing Lidl, its mission and marketing objectives. Then company’s situational analysis will be done by using different academic models like PESTEL analysis for macro environmental analysis, porter’s five force analysis for understanding company’s strategic position in industry and SWOT analysis for understanding company’s strategic capabilities. After understanding company’s current situation marketing strategy will be developed on the bases of market segmentation, targeting and positioning. Marketing strategy will be further broken down into marketing tactics (marketing mix). Once the planning process will be completed practical steps will be taken for successful implementation of marketing plan. For that purpose different roles and responsibilities will be given to different functional departments and co-ordination will be created between different operations and marketing activities. At that stage budget for marketing activities and the schedule for each activity will me made. No marketing plan can be completed without measuring performance and control strategies. So the final part of the plan will include setting key performance measurement, control strategies and corrective actions if necessary. Then marketing and operational integration will be done by using supply chain management, TQM and capacity planning. Introduction

As Lidl is planning to launch a new product (Baby Cloths) and any plan starts with analyzing current situation and then determine the future goals and objectives and the ways to achieve these goals and objectives. By using the same principal Lidl’s History/background its current strategy will be discussed with situational analysis. Then strategy will be shaped up by careful matching of company’s strategic capabilities and marketing objectives and then the ways to implement the marketing strategy will be determined with performance measurement and control plan and them marketing and operations will be integrated for successful launching of baby cloths.

History and Back Ground

Lidl is hard discounter German bases store started in 1930 and entered in UK market in 1990’s. Company is operating in more than 23 European counties. It has made very fast growth as a discounter retail store and now Lidl is 10th leading grocery retailer in UK market. Company have nearly 500 stores in UK and planning to open more 1500 stores. Company’s main...
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