Marketing Plan for Led Lights

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MEEM3057 Industrial Marketing for Engineers

Group 2 Marketing Plan
Group members| SID|
Chu Kin Wah| 50400206|
Hui Siu Kei| 51394008|
Lo Miu Hung| 51823121|
Suen Cheuk Hang| 51187763|
Shayekh Ahmed Ibn Hassan| 52076711|
Tsang Kin Long| 51908478|
Wong Cheuk Hei| 50620031|
Yeung Cheung| 51447528|

I. Introduction p. 3
II. Mission and objectives p. 4
III. Capabilities of our company p. 4
IV. Current Marketing Situation p. 5- 10
V. Positioning p. 10 - 11
VI. Marketing Strategy p .12 - 20
1. Product Strategy
2. Pricing strategy
3. Promotion strategy
4. Distribution strategy

VII. Budgets p. 20 - 21
VIII. Controls p. 21 -22
IX. Executive Summary p. 23 - 24
X. References p. 24

I. Introduction
What is LED light?
With a view to creating a better quality of light and saving energy LED light has entered the light industry. Full form of LED is light emitting diode. The concept of LED is pretty simple. Like every other diodes, LED is made of semiconductor filled with impurities from Group IIIA and GROUP VA elements, creating a p-n junction. As electricity flows from the p part to the n part, holes from the p part meet the electrons from the n part. When the holes and electrons meet, they radiate energy. In LED, this energy is used as light. Electroluminescence, the basic concept of LED was discovered in 1907 by H J Round. But until 1968, LEDs were very costly and inefficient for commercial and personal use. The Monsanto Company was the first industry to mass produce LED lights for indicators in 1968. After that, there had been quite some developments in LED technology resulting in the efficiency to rise exponentially with a doubling occurring in every 3 years. In 2008, using nanocrystals efficiency of 300 lumens/watt has been achieved.

The efficiency, longevity and color variance have attracted a lot of customers to switch to LED lights from traditional fluorescent and incandescent light. LED lights are being used for traffic lights, street lights, different types of indicators, electronic gadgets, interior design, aviation industries, etc.

II. Mission and objectives
YJM Light Co., Ltd.’s mission is to fulfill the demands of the customers with innovative design, foremost service and best quality, through its brand in the commercial and decorating lighting industry. To achieve this mission, our company has the objective of gaining the major part of the global market share of LED lights with quality production and after sales service. III. Capabilities of our company

With the principle of ‘product quality and service foremost’ YJM Light Co., Ltd. has already drawn attraction of a lot of customers. Being established less than a decade ago, YJM Light Co., Ltd. has already claimed the position of one of the most famous brands in the world to produce lights for commercial purposes. Starting with less than 100 staffs in 2004, YJM Light Co., Ltd. already has a workforce of 25,000 people and a production site of 20,000 square meters. YJM Light Co., Ltd. produces various kinds of LED lights and accessories to satisfy different needs of its customers. With a very strong emphasis on research and development, YJM Light Co., Ltd. has developed hundreds of different models of LED lights. The quality of the products of YJM Light Co., Ltd. is strictly controlled and the safety of the users is always kept in mind. Under the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, most of the products have UL, CE and ROHS certifications, proving the quality and safety of its products. YJM Light Co., Ltd. is capable of manufacturing lights in a very large scale and supply in the shortest period of time through its...
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