Marketing Plan for Kunv 91.5 Hd2

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KUNV 91.5 HD2 Marketing Plan

Randi Walsh
Jack Schibrowsky
Marketing 472
December 12, 2012

Executive Summary4
Internal Analysis for KUNV 91.5 HD2 “The Rebel”
Relevant Local KUNV 91.5 HD Radio History (Focus on The REBEL)5
What is important for KUNV HD2 The Rebel Radio- how do they measure success?5
What are the Competitive Advantages of this Station? What are its unique features?5
Why will customers want to listen to this station6
Current Programming and shares6
Past Success and failures in the programming area7
Promotional Activities To Date Including Online Presece and Success of each8
Planned Promotional Activities8
Financial Issues/Constraints. How much is KUNV 91.5 HD2 Willing to Spend8
Identification and evaluation of Key Internal Success Factors9
The Industry10
Short history of HD and contemporary music radio business10
Size and Growth rates of the national radio business (historical and current)11
Where is Industry in terms of growth?14
Where is the industry headed? Is the future bright?14
Size and growth rates of local radio business (historical and current).15
Major Players>who is successful in LV market? Why?16
How is the Industry different in LV compared to national?17
Trends in contemporary music radio (emphasis HD)18
Issues in Contemporary music radio (emphasis HD)18
Best Practices, and outlooks for contemporary music radio business (emphasis HD)18
What are the success requirements for this market?18
Customer Analysis KUNV 91.5 HD2 “The Rebel”19
Who listens to the Radio-general Radio listening habits (AM/FM)19
Who listens to the various formats (include current and potential formats)?22
What does the UNLV Community look like?23
What does the Clark County community look like?24
How many potential customers are there? At UNLV. In Las Vegas25
What is the customer related success factors for attracting listeners to KUNV 91.5 HD2 Rebel Radio?26
The Competition26
Direct and Intense Rivals28
Less Intense but serious Rivals28
Makers of Substitutes29
Top Competitor Product Books29
The Macro Environment31
Social and Cultural issues and trends that are likely to impact KUNV 91.5 HD2 The Rebel’s business (e.g. Student enrollments).31
Students Enrollment Rates32
National Technology Trends likely to impact KUNV 91.5 HD2 The Rebel’s business.36
Goals and Objectives for KUNV 91.5 HD2 Rebel Radio40
Current Market Size40
Potential Market40
Positioning Plan41
Key Marketing Mix elements42
Programming Plan43
Distribution Plan43
Promotional activities44
Works Cited45

Executive Summary
Where will this plan put KUNV HD2 Rebel Radio in 3 years?

KUNV HD2 Rebel Radio current focus should be on providing students with a reason to listen, and an easy way to listen. This plan will increase student awareness by 10% or more per year, through use of heavy promotion on and off campus. By changing the current format of AAA to Pop CHR, and providing only programming that is most relevant to the students at UNLV, KUNV HD2 Rebel Radio will be able to increase its listenership by 5% per year or more, and build a positive brand image.

Key success requirements and situation factors currently limiting KUNV HD2 Rebel Radio include low level of awareness of the radios existence; the current programming is not relevant to students, and the fact that the station is not easily accessible.

The overall strategy will include strengthening of KUNV HD2 Rebel Radio brand by positioning it as “the voice” of UNLV. The tagline of KUNV HD2 Rebel Radio will be, My UNLV Radio. Right here, right now”, and will include programming that directly related to students. A heavy push strategy will be used and include partnerships with various student organizations, local businesses, sororities and fraternities. The target...
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