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This marketing plan presents a fresh and brand new concept of Cultural Heptagon Hotel that will target mainly family vacationers and mature travellers. We have drawn up a SWOT analysis that shows clearly where our hotel stands in the market. With the many strengths we possess, our firm is confident that we are able to achieve the objective of having 85% occupancy rate on a regular basis. We have also made plans that will position the hotel as a 4 stars property, providing top-notched service and fine quality standards.

The hotel layout is structured in a way that every accommodating level houses a different cultural theme and concept. The service staff on duty at each level will be attired according to the theme.

Since the target market is family vacationers, the hotel has special add-on services for its guests. For instance, providing guided tours and merging of rooms to form a larger area for families to sleep together. For the safety of our guests, the hotel has built-in safety features especially for the elderly and children.

With promotion in mind, the hotel will utilize brochures, media, e-newsletters and a retail store to create awareness in the public. We are going to price ourselves slightly above other 4 stars properties in Singapore as we have a very unique concept, providing better value-added services that will be upgraded annually.

The hotel will have its own website, providing direct online booking of rooms.

Hotel name: Cultural Heptagon Hotel
Our themes are mainly from different cultures and we have seven themes forming a heptagon-shaped logo. That is why our hotel’s name is Cultural Heptagon Hotel. It is uncommon in many hotels’ name, therefore making us even more unique. Targeted Market: Family Vacationers and Mature Travellers

Hotel’s Vision: To be Asia’s leading 4 stars property and recognized world-wide Hotel’s Mission: To exceed our guests’ expectations by serving them with our unconditional services and providing comfort and hospitality for those away from their homes.

Located near Changi Airport
It will be more convenient for the guests to travel to and fro the hotel. •Located near Changi Beach and Pulau Ubin
Being located near these two locations, we are able to plan leisure activities for the guests. For example, a one day tour to Pulau Ubin. It will be an advantage to people who like the eco-tourism system. •Themed rooms

These are rarely seen in other hotels and make us stand out from our competitors. They also allow guests to enjoy their stay and have a good impression of the country. •Tour guide service
Experienced tour guides are specially hired for the convenience of our guests. •Target Market: Family Vacationers and Mature Travellers
Our targeted market is different from most of the hotels in Singapore as they are mainly targeting at businesses men. •A brand new hotel
Everything in our hotel is new. Our hotel has all the latest facilities. As we are a new hotel, we have the latest computerised check-in and check-out systems, which add up to the total satisfactions of the guests. Weaknesses:

Location is too deserted
Free shuttle bus services will be provided to transport guests to and fro the airport and city areas. •Only able to accommodate 100 rooms
We can focus more on the guests’ needs and wants to provide excellent services. •Number of customers may fluctuate during different peak periods We will offer festive promotions to reduce fluctuations during different peak periods.

Work with China National Tourist Office (CNTO) and Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) to promote our hotel to their travel agencies that plan family vacations. •Work with Singapore Tourism Board to promote our hotel as our hotel is one of the very few hotel targeting families •Work with Red Dot Inc Publishing Pte Ltd (Uniquely Singapore) to publish about our hotel in...
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