Marketing Plan for Grolsch

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Marketing Strategy


1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 2. OBJECTIVES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 2.1 Market shares/ sales volume: ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 2.2 Company reputation/ brand awareness: ------------------------------------------------------ 2 2.3 Geographical coverage/ Distribution Objectives: ------------------------------------------- 2 3. TARGET MARKET ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 4. MARKETING MIX ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 4.1 PRODUCT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Core Benefit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Actual product ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Standardise or adapt? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 4.2 PROMOTION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Forms of promotion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 4.3 DISTRIBUTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 5. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 5.1 PPROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT ----------------------------------------------------------- 8 5.2 MARKETING BUDGET ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 6. APPENDIX --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Appendix A: Market Segmentation Categories and Selected Variables ---------------------- 9 Appendix B: key media in Russia: --------------------------------------------------------------- 10

7. BIBLIOGRAPHY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13


This report is aim to clarify Grolsch’s marketing plan in Russia from 1st Jan 2013 to the end of 2014. We are targeting on those young educated males aged around 18 to 45 who are Independent thinker, social, down to earth, ambitious, time-constrained and sports- oriented. These people may be young professional, white-collar, higher income blue-collar within social classes of from the Upper-Lower Class to the Upper-Middle Class. The objectives of the marketing plan are to focus on long-term growth and nonprofit goals, rather than generating short-term profit. . In the first year, the objective is concentrated on building brand recognition, publicities, promoting brand values and developing contribution networks etc. The detailed objectives contained three major areas which are company reputation/ brand awareness, market shares/ sales volume, and geographical coverage/ distribution networks. The product should be adapted to the local market only by translating label information at this stage of entering. There is no need to adapt packaging or bottle/can size, because Grolsch’s size of bottle and packaging are accepted by Russian consumers. Grolsch’s product distinguishes by its rich history and time-tested recipe. In order to increase brand awareness and values in a relatively new market, a vast combination of promotional campaign activities is adopted, in which Grolsch primarily focuses in the advertising section through medium like print media, broadcast, digital media, billboards, etc.

2.1 Market shares/ sales volume: We are aim to be the fourth largest international premium beer brand (in volume) in Russian by the end of 2013, and acquire 1% of market shares in volume in premium beer segment (0.375 million HL). By the end of 2014, 1.8% of market shares...
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