Marketing Plan for Dell Inc

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  • Published: November 26, 2012
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1. Introduction
Today computer industry has become one of the most attractive industries both in terms of growth and viability. It is also considered as one of those industries where it is so hard to survive for the companies in it. The prevalence of the likes of HP, Dell Inc. and IBM has resulted in the fierce competition in this industry. These abovementioned companies struggle to win more market share or to be the best player in the industry. These report analysis situation analysis, SWOT analysis of Dell Inc. along with the environmental factors which could be potential influence on its current and future business operations. . It also illustrates the company’s future objectives and also marketing strategies set to achieve those objectives and to ensure that the company is one of the industry leaders. 2. Background

It was initially named as “PCs Limited”, and then converted into the Dell Company which was named after the Michael Dell, who founded the company in 1984, when he was a student at the University of Texas at Austin. That’s Michael Dell who came up first with the idea or belief that selling personal computer systems directly to customers enables them to better understand customers’ needs and helps them to offer the best solutions to meet those needs. It was in 1985 when M.Dell’s company first manufactured their initial computer which was sold for US $795.Dell’s “PCs Limited” company would assemble computer units based each individual’s needs, orders or selections. That would give customers pretty much affordable price and more convenience than having to assemble those components on their own. Despite the fact that it wasn’t the first company to apply this method, it was almost the first to accomplish it. Even in its first year of trading, the company managed to reach pretty much admirable sales, approximately amounted to $73 million. In 1988, the company was given the name of the Dell, founder of the company. Following 2 years, they decided to...
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