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For over three years, the Mizuno indoor line has dominated the market. It started during the rise of badminton until today. Mizuno indoor shoes, in particular, has become the market leader in court shoes – both in volleyball and badminton. Although there are close competitors, like Asics and Yonex, the Mizuno indoor line still has unparalleled reputation when it comes to performance and prestige.

Mizuno indoor being the market leader has two main threats and competitors. The two competitors, as mentioned above, are Asics and Yonex. These are the two major brands which directly compete with brand equity of Mizuno indoor – in terms of reputation, performance and brand recognition. Another main threat is the the availability of these products. Currently, Asics and Yonex have limited distribution channels compared to Mizuno indoor. Increasing their channels can significantly decrease market share of Mizuno indoor.

In response to these threats, an aggressive and defensive strategy should be implemented. Aggressive marketing strategy will increase presence of Mizuno indoor in the market, specifically in the Indoor community. And defensive sales strategy will ensure efficiency of existing distribution channels. This will also help in establishing new channels and capturing new market segments.

The main focus of this marketing strategy is to increase sales by 15% in sales amount and 20% in sales volume. As sales history shows, market share has steadily increased. The current sales program has proven effective and efficient in maintaining captured market segments. However, there has been a significant decrease in marketing efforts, such as events and in-store promotions, after the badminton craze two years ago. Although there were no significant effects in sales, the rate of market expansion has remained the same. Specifically, the lack of marketing programs for indoor equipment limits the channels for distribution. In order to reach the sales goals, there should be aggressive marketing support to existing promotional programs and be able to establish presence in the Visayas and Mindanao region.

Aggressive marketing support pertains to readily marketing materials – banners, posters, catalog, flyers, website information, in-store promotions, product bundling and incentives.


2010 Objectives are categorized into two – Sales and Promotional objectives. I. Sales Objectives:
a. 15% increase in sales amount for Indoor Shoes
b. 20% increase in sales volume for Indoor Shoes
II. Promotional Objectives:
a. Maintain market lead
b. Establish presence in Vis-Min region – in terms of events, promotions and customer relations.

Indoor sales has been steadily increasing since the boom of badminton. Computed sales growth is between five to fifteen percent for sales amount and ten to twenty percent for sales volume. For 2010, a conservative sales goal was set as preventive measures due to the prevailing economic crisis and oil price hike.

As for promotional and marketing objectives, the main concern is to maintain market lead. Defensive strategy and Aggressive marketing activities and product promotions will ensure market hold. And, strengthening presence in the market, across all market segments, will also establish the brand as the leading competitor. Another promotional objective for this year is to penetrate the Visayas – Mindanao region. This year instead of penetrating Vis-Min region through sales and accumulation of dealer accounts, promotional activities will be put into place. It is strategic to establish presence first – in terms of promotional events and gimmicks. Promotional activities will


SWOT Analysis
a. Mizuno brand is known for quality products: comfort and advance technology - badminton and volleyball footwear. b. Market leader in badminton and volleyball footwear....
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