Marketing Plan: Final Paper

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Marketing is essential for every business, be it a small household business or a large multinational group. All businesses depend on marketing in one way or the other. Setting of goals according to entrepreneur’s visions marks the starting o f the plan. It is better to do proper research and documentation before launching a product in the market or else the results will not be according to one’s thinking. Raymond Morose is the owner of Pet Palace and has been running this business for the last 44 years (Manta, 2010). Raymond Morose is running the business with a small staff but is very clear about his goals, as he has set his goals according to SMART approach. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based and every goal should be SMART. By using this as baseline, one can easily monitor the performance of his team and decide how much they have achieved. If they have not achieved enough, strategies can be altered to get the desired results.

Pet Palace is a private business that has years of experience in providing pet supplies. Now they want to expand their business by introducing a new product called Allergy Be-Gone. Pet Palace has been working for almost 36 months on the planning of its marketing strategy and is very keen to take it up. Description of new Product - Allergy Be-Gone

Researcher has shown that many people are allergic to pets and cannot have pets due to this issue. Pet Palace has created a product that will end the allergy and allow people to a happy living with their pets. This product will be introduced in the market as an allergy neutralizer that will stop this allergy irritation with a simple and clean method.

Allergy Be-Gone will be provided in a liquid spray form and can be sprayed on the pets, pet beds, and all other places pet visit frequently. Allergy Be-Gone will trim down dandruff, coat oils and shedding of hair, as they are the main causes of allergy. Spray will have a fresh fragrance that will deodorize the house environment as well. The spray has been designed to be used numerous times a week and this much usage will not affect the pet or the house owner in any way. Alcohol or similar liquids have not been used that is why there is no chance of skin infection.

Allergy Be-Gone by Pet Palace will be placed in grooming section of departmental stores and shopping malls. It will have great success when placed at a suitable location, along with its awesome features like fresh scent and effective allergy management. Allergy Be-Gone will the way forward for people who have always wanted to have a pet but were unable to do so because of medical limitations. Importance of Marketing for Pet Palace’s Success

Pet Palace is aware of the importance of its product and knows that it has the ability to change everyday life of millions of people. They have spent time on it, called experts and tested it on different levels and on different pets and it has passed every test with excellence. As far as business side is concerned, Pet Palace is also aware of the fact that this production will cost them heavy money. They must make sure that the product is of best quality and meets the desired long-term goals of the company. Heavy emphasis will be on marketing efforts so that the product is as successful in the market as anticipated.

Knowing one’s customers, what they think of our product and what changes do they want are must for successful marketing effort. An effective marketing campaign will help Pet Palace in knowing what their customers want. They can modify their product in desired way to achieve better sales. Customer relations will also play an important role in achieving the organizational goals of Pet Palace by helping the customers in every way they can, by communication them the true value of their product and by winning their trust and confidence. Pet Palace has been in a successful business for a long time and they have a certain reputation. This reputation can help...
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