Marketing Plan: Applpoly Products

Topics: Construction, Building code, Building Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: July 16, 2012
III.Background Information
Preston Preston, the chemist working in ApplPoly Products’ resins laboratory, had developed the new product; she attempted to convince her managers to support her new merchandise in foamed polystyrene with recognition. The position Preston works was to find new products, and to develop more profitable applications for the company; nevertheless, she faced some unforeseen difficulties because of the new product. Preston had heavy stress from her managers because she needed to find out the new products that could satisfy the needs of her new product in the foamed polystyrene. A method that uses foamed polystyrene to make dome-shaped roofs and other structures called “foamed-dome concept” is developed by Preston two years later. A lot of materials that we use could economize on energy but do not prevent from fire. Fortunately, foam board has excellent and permanent insulating characteristics. In fact, the major use for foam board is as an insulator. The other advantage of foam board is weightless and easy to handle; it has good structural rigidity. Moreover, foam board offers an excellent base on which to apply a diversity of surface finishes, such as readily available cement-based stucco that is durable and inexpensive. However, ApplPoly Products still not assure that foamed board is the best materials to build dome-shaped roofs and other structures because Preston has not prove that her new product is functional or not; to Preston and her manager, they still have lots of works to do when considering the know-how to solve the difficulties for ApplPoly Products. IV.External Environment Analysis

Preston’s polystyrene foamed boards are eco-friendly boards which can be used in constructions to save time and money. The material used in those boards has several characteristics which make it more valuable to use. According to the American Department of Commerce, the spending of...
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