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  • Published: December 14, 2004
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Proposed Marketing Plan for

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY has experienced exceptional growth since the company's inception in early 1994. The company has grown to a massive online superstore with recent sales of $1.64 billion in 1999, an increase of 270% from the previous year's sales. The stellar grow of the company's sales can be attributed to a very strong product situation.'s initial target market, online book consumers, proved to be very lucrative. In addition, the expansion into more diverse product offerings beyond books, such as music, DVD & video, toys, electronics, home improvement and auctions only served to increase the company's product portfolio. In order to expand's position Insight Solutions has identified an aggressive marketing strategy to broaden the companies target market, expand the product positioning to all consumer goods, focus distribution outlets through the top ten web sites and price items at a low but profitable margin. To ensure this plan is successful,! Insight Solutions also recommends four action plans involving, increasing name recognition, target market, product marketing and distribution management. Ø Name RecognitionØ Free E-mailØ Advertise on Internet Radio Ø Target MarketØ Telephone OperatorsØ "Click & Mortar" Store Ø Product MarketingØ Expand Product lines, Auto, Travel, Grocery Ø Distribution ManagementØ Increased Distribution Centers TABLE OF CONTENTS CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION 1 FINANCIAL SUMMARY: SALES/COSTS/PROFITS 1 PRODUCT SITUATION - BOOKS 2 PRODUCT SITUATION - MUSIC 3 PRODUCT SITUATION - DVD & VIDEO 4 PRODUCT SITUATION - TOYS 5 PRODUCT SITUATION - ELECTRONICS 5 PRODUCT SITUATION - HOME IMPROVEMENT 6 PRODUCT SITUATION - AUCTIONS, ZSHOPS AND SOTHERBYS.AMAZON.COM 7 COMPETITIVE SITUATION 8 DISTRIBUTION SITUATION 9 OPPORTUNITY AND ISSUE ANALYSIS 11 AMAZON.COM'S MAIN OPPORTUNITIES 11 AMAZON.COM'S MAIN THREATS 11 STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES ANALYSIS 12 AMAZON.COM'S MAIN STRENGTHS 12...
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