Marketing Plan-Alaska

Topics: Milk, Dairy, Dairy product Pages: 33 (8874 words) Published: November 19, 2012

I. Executive Summary2
II. Situational Analysis- Macroenvironment Analysis5
a. Technological Environment6
b. Economic Environment7
c. Socio- Cultural Environment8
d. Natural Environment9
e. Political-Legal Environment10
III. Situational Analysis- Market Analysis
f. Market Definition11
g. Market Size12
h. Industry Structure14
i. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis15
j. Competition19
k. Market Trends21
IV. Situational Analysis – Consumer Analysis22
V. Situational Analysis - Internal Analysis26
VI. SWOT Analysis35
VII. Marketing Research37
VIII. Marketing Strategies40
IX. Implementation43
X. Financial Summary64
XI. Scenario/Contingencies65
XII. Appendix66

I. Executive Summary

Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) is one of the leading companies in milk production from the dairy industry. We have been manufacturing dairy products in the Philippines since 1972 starting with liquid canned milk products and eventually expanded to manufacture powdered filled milk and Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk products. For over thirty years, AMC has emerged to be as one of the two major players in the Philippine milk industry and is consistently maintaining its brand leadership in the liquid canned milk category and holds a strong growing position in powdered milk. AMC also expanded into higher value-added milk products, particularly in UHT/Ready-to-Drink milk category.

Since 1972, we have been caring for every Filipino family by providing them their good nutrition and health through quality milk products. Also in every other way such as: programs that promote sports development, campaigns that foster good values among children and product innovations aimed at enhancing the Filipino's health and welfare. And we shall continue caring for every Filipino family from every part of the country, may it be Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao.

The market for milk and dairy products in the Philippines comprises two very different segments: market for milk and dairy products that are processed in the Philippines from imported dairy ingredients that comprises 99% of the total market and the other 1% which is the market for products that are produced from locally produced raw milk by the Philippines dairy farming industry.

Dairy products are commonly seen in every store, from wholesale to retail stores, and the demand for it never diminishes. Every individual will always have to put in mind the need for their health and nutrition. Milk products are one of the basic necessities we should provide our bodies and that is programmed especially on the minds of every Filipino family in the country. Alaska provides the best kinds of milk from liquid to powdered that can ever be provided to every consumer market.

AMC’s target markets are consumers ranging from 4-12 years old. Majority of the customers are female and only few are men. Mainly because most of the buyers are housewives or single parents and the children they have are the consumers of the milk produced by AMC.

AMC continues building the strengths and competitive attributes of its brand and develop its full marketing potential in the dairy industry. Serve every consumer to their level of satisfaction and will respond to the call to deliver higher quality nutrition to every Filipino home. To increase product awareness, specifically on its powdered milk product and the rise of our market share by 2 percent annually in three years. AMC has experienced and well-trained employees that helps in driving AMC forward with continuous superiority on product quality and strong supplier relationships. But then as costs increases, product prices also tend to increase and results to higher prices over competitors...
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