Marketing Plan

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3rd April, 2012





Table of Contents

1: Strong vs. Weak
2: Executive Summary
3: Company Description
4: Mission Vision
5: Goals & Objectives
6: Core Business Area
7: SWOT Analysis
8: Industry Analysis
9: Marketing Mix
10: Target Market
11: Market Strategy
12: Marketing Environment
13: Points of Difference
14: Conclusion
15: Pepsi Organizational Chart/Department

1: Strong Vs Weak
Pepsi and Coca Cola are strong competitors. In Pakistan Pepsi is the market leader and Coca Cola is its competitor. But globally Coca Cola is pioneer and Pepsi is follower. The Pepsi makes defense strategies so that it can maintain its position in the market. While Coca Cola is a challenger and it makes attack strategies so that it can become the market.


The purpose of this marketing plan is to develop an understanding about how PEPSI is marketed and distributed in the market (Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution). In this project different analysis are performed such as, Company image, mission statement, goals & objectives, core business areas, SWOT Analysis, Industry Analysis, Marketing Program, target markets, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Environment, Point of Differences& Positioning At the end it was discussed that what are the core marketing strategies that make PEPSI the more powerful brand.


Pepsi Cola International is world-well-known soft drinks brand. It is a very well-organized multinational company, which operates in almost all over the world. They produce, one of best-carbonated drinks in the world. Pepsi is a symbol of hygiene, quality and service, all over the world. Pepsi is producing Cola for more than 100 years, and it has dominated the world market for a long time. Its head office is in New York. Initially Pepsi was used as cough syrup in America, and sold in pharmacy. But the taste of that syrup was liked by the people and then added water and carbonation and with the passage of time it is used as a regular drink and now itis world largest soft drink brand. In beverage sector pioneer is Coca cola and Pepsi is follower. In 1909 more than 24 American States gave license to Pepsi for sale. Pepsi Cola was first introduced in 6.5 ounce bottle. Pepsi was first registered in 1932.In 1932 Pepsi Cola was introduced a big bottle of 12 ounce. In 1950, the Pepsi Cola formula was slightly changed and the sweetness and calories in Pepsi Cola were decreased. In 1957, the bottle was changed to new attractive bottle and the product line was also increased by introduction of two more products that were Teem and Marinda.Today Pepsi Cola is available to more than 100 million of consumers which includes Asia as well as Europe & Africa.

PEPSI in Pakistan

In Pakistan Pepsi distribution is indirect. Nationwide Pepsi has 67% of market share in Lahore Pepsi is always at par as compare to coke. In December, 54%share is captured by Pepsi, 49% by coke and remaining 1% by other brands. The market in Pakistan is surely conquered by Pepsi. It has proved itself to be the No.1 soft drink in Pakistan. In 1971, first plant of Pepsi was constructed in Multan, and from there after Pepsi is going higher and higher. Pepsi’s greatest competitor is Coca Cola. Coca Cola is an international recognized brand. Coke’s basic strength is its brand name and Coke’s strategy is not to change the brand name and logos which are in...
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