Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

Red’s Express Marketing Plan

The Redmond Social Enterprise Project Board has embarked on an important effort as it aims to help change the future of Redmond teenagers and impact the community at-large with its social mission. The creation of Red’s Express, a non-profit café and food delivery service, demonstrates the unique way that social enterprise can serve the community by helping fund Redmond youth organizations. As the business plan created by the Social Enterprise Group, LLC illustrates, this project serves community need in two ways: by filling a quick food service void in the Redmond business community; and creating a sustainable funding source for non-profit youth organizations in Redmond.

Redmond Social Enterprise Project


Red’s Express Marketing Plan

Marketing Focus
The marketing focus recommended is two-fold. First, promote Red’s Express brand, products and services. Second, deliver the social enterprise and community rewards mission via subtle integration with promotional messaging. It is believed that too much initial focus on the social mission will deter attention from the business enterprise goals and objectives. Finally, the marketing prescription includes an emphasis on relationship marketing. While traditional marketing tactics are essential, the complexity of the business community surrounding Red’s demands that personal contact and relationship development become essential elements in the marketing mix.

Marketing Plan Orientation
The marketing plan that follows builds upon the work done in the business plan and provides a framework for how to best position and market the Red’s Express project to meet the goals of the Redmond Social Enterprise Community Board. The plan calls out the business, marketing and social mission focal points that will help provide a marketing framework for the future of Red’s. As this plan demonstrates, the road to success for Red’s will not be simple. It will take the diligent work of dedicated volunteers, a dynamic food service operator, committed vendors and the passion of employees (youth, perhaps) who can continuously sell the vision and mission to customers. Nonetheless, it is a road worth traveling because of the value the project brings to the community and the way in which it models for other communities. Red’s marketing map is simple, focused, and approachable. The tasks to be accomplished and the list of to-do’s is manageable. While some might be looking for a silver marketing bullet, it is necessary to caution that marketing is the sum of all parts. Red’s leadership team will have to follow all of the focal points and tactics in order to paint the picture that will ultimately promote Red’s services and sell its products, which will help the Redmond Social Enterprise Project meet its overall social mission goals.

Redmond Social Enterprise Project


Red’s Express Marketing Plan

Vision, Position and Values
Red’s Express will provide a sustainable, reliable funding source to support youth programs in Redmond.

Red’s Express is the fast, one-stop shop for healthy, delicious food for the on-the-go professional. Red’s mixes tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners with friendly service and a social conscience. All Red’s Express proceeds are earmarked to serve youth organizations throughout the City of Redmond.

Social mission Community-driven Philanthropic Entrepreneurially-inspired Youth-supportive Business-savvy Locally-owned business support Nurturing youth

Redmond Social Enterprise Project


Red’s Express Marketing Plan

Goals and Objectives
Make Red’s Express a quality service business serving the surrounding business and residential community Have people equate Red’s with fast fresh food that is available for delivery Be recognized as an innovative, community-based social enterprise and be able to respond to requests to share lessons learned Build a...
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