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Running Head: SAMPLE PLAN

Sample Marketing Plan for BUSN319

Student Marketing Plan for BAGELS BY THE BAY

A Marketing Plan Presented by:
Jamie Johnson
DeVry University


The marketing plan for Bagels by the Bay covers all the necessary marketing elements for a successful business. It does an especially good job of positioning the business in the marketplace due to a fine SWOT analysis combined with some excellent target marketing strategy.

Table of Contents
Strategic Focus and Plan7
Mission Statement7
Competitive Advantage8
Situation Analysis9
SWOT Analysis9
Competitor Analysis9
Company Analysis10
Customer Analysis11
Industry Analysis11
Market-Product Focus12
Marketing and Product Objectives12
Market-Product Grid13
Target Markets14
Points of Difference15

Marketing Program16
Product Strategy16
Price Strategy17
Promotion Strategy17
Place Strategy19
Financial Projections19
Break-even Analysis19
Implementation Plan21
Evaluation and Control21
Possible Deviations21
Possible Solutions21
Appendix A: SWOT Analysis24
Appendix B: Bagels by the Bay Survey25
Appendix C: Bagels by the Bay Menu26
Appendix D: Bagels by the Bay Menu28
Table 1. Market-Product Grid30
Table 2. Implementation Plan31
Figure 1. Bagels by the Bay Flyer32
Figure 2. Bagels by the Bay Coupon34

Marketing Plan for a New Restaurant Business Called BAGELS BY THE BAY


Bagels by the Bay is a new eating establishment located in Three Harbors, Michigan. After surveying the selection of fast food restaurants in the Three Harbors area, Jamie Johnson and Amy Smith discovered the need for a healthier eating option. Three Harbors is located on the northern shore of Lake Superior. As you may have guessed, there are actually Three Harbors surrounding the town. Currently, it is the home to about 3,500 people who earn around $30,000- $35,000 a year (Smithsky, 2003). As a general rule, they enjoy taking advantage of their beautiful location by engaging in many outdoor activities. They pride themselves on being a safe place to live and visit. Like many other small communities, they have formed a strong community bond and are very supportive of one another. The inhabitants of Three Harbors are not the only ones who like to enjoy their beautiful scenery. Every year thousands of people make the trip to Northern Michigan on and their way they cross right through Three Harbors. During any given summer day a sea of cars fill the streets of the town. Every one of these people has a similar characteristic - they need to eat and drink. Bagels by the Bay will work to fulfill these needs.

Strategic Focus and Plan

This aspect of the marketing plan focuses on the strategic planning of Bagels by the Bay to make it a successful business. There are three areas discussed here: mission statement, financial and nonfinancial goals, and competitive advantage. Since cutting edge marketing strategy should utilize a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which is the way a successful business positions itself in the marketplace (Cunningham, 2004), the competitive advantage will relate directly to this concept of the USP.

Mission Statement
The key objective of Bagels on the Bay is to provide tourists and local citizens with a low-fat, healthy meal alternative with high quality products and service.
1.Break-even in profits versus losses within the first two years of business.
2.Within five years, obtain a 15% profit from sales.
3.Maintain financial stability so that the...
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