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Principles of Marketing


Honda Vietnam

Scooters Line

Lecturer: Tran Tuan Anh Tutor: Le Minh Hang

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Executive summary

For millions of people living in large cities, in the developing world, two-wheel monocycles offer convenient, affordable access to motorized transportation. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in Asian countries, where motorcycles comprise up to 95 percent of motor vehicles on the road, including Vietnam. Therefore, the competition among motorcycles makers in Vietnam is more and more powerful in carrying out a lot of marketing strategies to attract and build relationships with customers by creating customer value and satisfaction. Headquartered in Japan, Honda Vietnam Company is one of the major producers of quality motor vehicles around the world. Although, it is not easy for any organization to set up a successful marketing plan because the development of the marketing plan is influenced by the situation analysis which provides a gather of relevant market information at both micro and macro environment of an organization, Honda Vietnam still makes a huge effort to apply modern and advanced equipment and technology in production, remaining their brand name and ensure the quality of product with a reasonable price, especially when introducing the scooter line in Vietnam. Directing toward market segment of high income class, Honda scooter always takes the lead in market shares in Vietnam as well as motorbike industry. In the research, we go step by step to analyze the company’s mission and objectives, the macro environment affecting Honda, its indirect and direct competitors, the segments of the motorbike market as well as the marketing strategy for the brand of Honda regarding the 4Ps framework. Furthermore, it is very important to company to understand their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, included in the SWOT analysis drawn at the later part of our report, to launch a optimal strategy. Finally, our group has some recommendations for Honda to improve its marketing strategy in the motorcycle industry in Vietnam. On the whole, this report is believed to be helpful to some

On the global market, when the competition in international economic integration becomes more and more blazing hot, especially in the context of financial crisis and economic downturn, enterprises need to create and maintain competitive advantage which makes them outstanding compared with their competitors. To ensure the success of the products, company has to understand customer needs and market trends. So, information is extremely important including information about customers, markets, competitors, strengths and weaknesses of the company itself as well as other relevant factors to find out the best plans and strategies on launching products to the market. Thus, marketing department which will conduct such task mentioned above seems to be the most important one contributing to the success of the organization. In this paper, a gathering of relevant market information that influence the development of the marketing plan will be provided in the circumstances of Honda Vietnam Company, particularly in the context of scooters from 2006 to now.

In 1990s...
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