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Gjof Pearl Shake is a growing pearl shake business based in the Quezon Province. We maintain this image by providing our customers quality products and services. Taste and quality are two essential components keeping customers loyal and coming back for more. After some research that we held, pearl shake product is not just a product for occasional or seasonal, because even in rainy or winter season our weather was still hot just like summer when there’s no rain and consumer always prefer this kind of drink for refreshing. Gjof Pearl Shake is a cool flavored drink mix with dark, spherical, chewy balls made from yam and tapioca called Pearls. We are currently offering 20 different flavors to suit the unique taste preference of the local consumers. After 3 years of operating the business of giving a high quality product of pearl shake to the customer we found out that more often the customer are ordering our product before and after they order for their meals like merienda’s or lunch. So that in that case, we encourage our business to become a mini restaurant where in we offer pearl shake at the same time offer them their affordable meal. This year 2013 is our plan to change our pearl shake both to become Gjof’s Shake in Luncheonette. Luncheonette is a small restaurant that serves simple and easily prepared meals.

This marketing plan will focus to the needs of the customer to make them easier to have their meal. It is less of time and effort to go to another restaurant to order their meal with the same price but a quality meal. * Vision

Our Company bears the vision of providing fun, deliciously appetizing, uniquely enchanting food and beverage products while maintaining our commitment to uncompromised quality at economical rates with the heartening purpose to cater to society’s needs, tastes and preferences rather than simply convincing our customers to try and like whatever products we develop. * Mission

To provide the best quality, most innovative and reasonably priced products in the beverage industry. To continuously generate awareness, interest and desire for our products resulting in frequent / repeat purchases. To become the leading Pearl Shake store in every part of Quezon Province going to every part of the Philippines.

* Company objectives
To promote, protect and maintain Gjof's image at all times.
To make sure that each staff will provides quality products and offer excellent service to all customers. To have one outlet every year with a proper lay-out and profit.

* Target market

The target market of the Gjof’s Shake in Luncheonette are the student because they are the one who always like these kind of foods, and also workers, those who don’t have time to go home to take their lunch and merienda. And also all types of people.

* Quality
Gjof Pearl Shake follows all the phases of the development and production of the products to be sold. We ensure the quality and the freshness of the raw material to the finished products. Gjof Pearl Shake’s believe that the quality is one of the assets in business. * Service

Because Gjof is also a customer, we understand the satisfaction needed by the customer, so our professional management team and dedicated staff is committed to putting the customer first and achieving excellence in everything we do. * Careers

Office personnel:
Graduate of any business related/computer course.
With excellent written & oral communication skills,
Computer proficient
Service crew:
18-25 years old, preferably college level (food related course is an advantage), Willing to undergo extensive training
Can communicate in both Tagalog and English.
With experienced in fast food and restaurant is preferred.
18-25 years old, preferably college level
Willing to undergo extensive training
Can communicate in both Tagalog and English.
20-40 years old, preferable college level (food related course is an advantage),...
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